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    Legislation Commission went Nordic

    In the weekend of 14-15 September, the Finnish FIVA ANF SAHK welcomed FIVA’s Legislation Commission (LC) to Finland to hold the second meeting according to its policy of having one of its meetings in each of the countries which at the time holds the 6 months Presidency of the European Union Council.

    The occasion was an opportunity for the LC members to learn about the legislative situation concerning historic vehicles in Finland and how SAHK uses its interactions with political and regulatory audiences to safeguard the preservation and use of our historic vehicles. On the Friday prior to the meeting, SAHK had also organized meetings with MEP ms Henna Virkkunen and ms Anni Antila of the National Finnish Automobile and Road Museum Mobilia. Henna Virkkunen is a member of the European Parliament’s Transport Committee which is instrumental in influencing and shaping EU transport policy which can impact on the preservation and use of historic vehicles. The meeting was very valuable as it allowed FIVA and SAHK to explain the value of preserving our motoring heritage and the need for support from decision makers and politicians to do so – particularly in this fast changing mobility environment.

    During the meeting with Mobilia, Anni Antila explained to FIVA the museum’s work which is supported by SAHK, and the valuable role that the Charter of Turin plays in its work to preserve motoring heritage in Finland. She also told about a number of projects Mobilia is doing in cooperation with Finnish state agencies in the culture sector.

    The Chair of FIVA’s legislation Commission, Tiddo Bresters said: “FIVA thanks SAHK for their hospitality and efforts in organising these very valuable meetings. Over our days in Helsinki, we learnt much about the local historic vehicle situation, were able to communicate our objectives and concerns to an important member of the European Parliament and have been able to strengthen the working relationship between FIVA’s and SAHK’s Legislation Commissions. Each of these actions are immensely valuable to FIVA’s objective to protect, preserve and promote motoring heritage. It is encouraging to see that the definition of a historic vehicle in Finnish legislation corresponds generally to the FIVA definition”.

    SAHK’s President, Esko Huttunen said to be very glad to host for the first time a FIVA meeting in Finland. He stressed the importance of international cooperation, and noticed that SAHK has regular contacts with FIVA members in other Nordic countries and with historic vehicle clubs in the Baltic countries, like Estonia, as well.

    One of main issues the LC discussed was how to address the increasing interest for “electrification” of historic vehicles, especially since some manufacturers have become active in this market niche. The LC decided to draft a FIVA statement on the matter, expressing its view that electrified vehicles can’t be considered as historic vehicles as defined by FIVA. Also FIVA questions whether it is a good thing or not that these vehicles in many cases keep on to be registered with their original VIN (Vehicle Identification Number).

    L to R: Juhana Saarela, Tiddo Bresters, MEP Henna Virkkunen, Andrew Turner and Leo Belik

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    FIVA (the Fédération Internationale des Véhicules Anciens) is the worldwide organisation dedicated to the preservation, protection and promotion of historic vehicles and related culture, as well as their safe use. Since April 2017, FIVA has been a non-governmental partner of UNESCO, and continues to pursue its successful FIVA World Motoring Heritage Year programme.

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    La FIVA est la seule organisation internationale de son genre à s’être fixé pour objectif l’encouragement d’une utilisation sûre des véhicules routiers historiques à propulsion mécanique au même titre que la préservation et la promotion de la culture des véhicules routiers en elle-même. En 2016, la FIVA a célébré son 50ème anniversaire avec le programme « Année du Patrimoine Automobile Mondial » sous le patronage officiel de l’UNESCO.

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