On a sunny Sunday morning in March, the 4th annual Historic Vehicles Event took place, coinciding with the 70th Anniversary of the Macau Grand Prix. To mark the occasion, 70 cars and 70 motorcycles participated in the event. While there was only one motorcycle that was over 28 years old—an Ultra Classic manufactured in 1995—many of the cars were over 30 years old, and all the owners put in considerable effort to support the event.

The event started at 9:00 am, with all the vehicles assembling at the Pit Lane area below the Macau Grand Prix Control Tower. Traffic Police conducted a thorough check of all the vehicle registrations, insurances, and driving licenses, ensuring everything was in order before the parade began.

At 11:00 am, the parade commenced, with the President of the Sports Bureau of the Macao SAR Government waving the ‘green flags’, supported by his Vice-President and the President of the Federation-AAMC. The parade was led by a Honda Gold Wing Tour A/T, 1,800cc bike, followed by all the motorcycles, and then by a red Austin Healey Sprite—the oldest car at the event—leading the remaining vehicles. Given the large number of vehicles, a good number of police escorts were present to ensure the safety of all the participants.

The parade took approximately an hour, winding through the city center and across the two bridges to Taipa and Coloane. Upon arriving at the Coloane Go-Karting Circuit, all the vehicles were displayed at the paddock area, where owners and guests took photographs.

After the parade, about 200 participants enjoyed a lunch buffet at the Go-Karting Circuit. Finally, certificates of participation were handed out to all the owners, marking the successful conclusion of an enjoyable and memorable event.

May 2023