We are extremely grateful to Prof. Lorenzo Morello, Chairman of the Culture Commission of ASI, our Italian ANF, for sharing with us the precious booklet he wrote, “1886-1906 From the horseless carriage to the automobile”.
The material presented here was originally the basis of a programme of lectures given at a number of Italian universities between 2015 and 2017 and covers the twenty years from 1886 to 1906 which was particularly a significant period in the emergence of the car. It was during those years that the horse-drawn carriage was transformed, through the replacement of the horse by a crudely-built engine, into a motorised vehicle.
It is a fascinating account, full of unique models, brilliant technical solutions and brave pioneers.
We are glad to share it with our members and fellow enthusiasts and we wish you a nice reading!

1886 – 1906 From the horse-less carriage to the automobile – compressed

September 2023