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Paykan & Iran


The 1960s was an era of industrial development in Iran. One of the lynchpins of government planning of the period was to establish an indigenous automotive industry. After several fitful starts, including an unsuccessful venture with FIAT, a virtual revolution took place when, in 1966, the Iranian company Iran National, a licensee of Mercedes Benz buses, branched into passenger car manufacturing. The founders of Iran National, Ahmad Khayami and his brother Mahmoud, after negotiating with numerous international manufacturers, concluded an agreement with the Rootes Group for the CKD (Complete Knock Down) assembly of the Hillman Hunter. The contract also provided [...]

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Motoring Hero: Marcello Gandini


Interview with Marcello Gandini, designer of may great cars such as Lamborghini’s groundbreaking mid-engined Miura and extreme Countach, as well as many practical cars such as the Citroën BX, the first-generation BMW 5 Series (E12), the Innocenti Mini, and the Renault Supercinq. He introduced the concept of scissor doors with the Alfa Romeo 33 Carabo prototype, while the Lancia Stratos supercar was another Gandini design.

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