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The Czechoslovak Mille Miglia lives on!


The 1000 Mil Československých 2020 event continues the legend of the 1000 Miles race through Czechoslovakia in 1933, 1934 and 1935, from Prague to Bratislava and back to Prague. In those days it was as famous in the country as the Mille Miglia in Italy, This Summer the 9th revival edition of the event took place.  In spite of all uncertainties caused by the pandemic the organizers  persisted, and just postponed the event from June to August. Over 100 teams with a wide variety of cars, mostly from the Twenties, Thirties and Forties, were happy the event went on and gathered [...]

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Pirelli Collezione, tyres through time


What can more than 140 years of history tell us? What are the advantages of preserving memory? Thousands of documents, data sheets and illustrations, preserved with the best techniques used to the care of the most precious documents. Techniques which are designed to extend – infinitely, is the hope – the life of these materials that tell us who we were and what we did. It is the work of scholars, philologists and enthusiasts. Then, there is the vision to bring the past back to life to the benefit of other history buffs who take care of classic cars, preserving [...]

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The 2020 FEVA Virtual Automotive Heritage Days


From Spanish Federation of Antique Vehicles (FEVA), the FIVA ANF in Spain have not given up holding the traditional and consolidated Automotive Heritage Days, although the socio-health situation caused by Covid 19 has forced to propose an alternative system, very different from the usual one. Since the beginning of the pandemic, FEVA’s Board of Directors has opted for the utmost caution, and for this reason it has discouraged any event or meeting in order to stop the transmission of the virus. This does not imply in any way the waiver of the use and enjoyment of the collection vehicles, although [...]

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‘Frankenstein’ vehicles after 2nd World War


History of vehicles that changed the flow of development and culture in a country! FIVA Culture Commission and FIVA Youth group present the story of the  Frankenstein Vehicles Click here to read the full article: Frankestein-vehicles Text and pictures by: Aleksandar Vidojkovic, Member of the Culture Commission

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Commemorated annually by the IVVCC International Gordon Bennett Rally The Gordon Bennett Cup Race, held annually from 1900 to 1905, paved the way for modern Grand Prix racing. In 1906, the year after the last Gordon Bennett Cup Race, the first Grand Prix motor racing event was held in France at the Circuit de la Sarthe, Le Mans. The 1902 Gordon Bennett Cup Race, held in France, was won by Selwyn Edge driving a Napier. The following year, on 2nd July 1903, the Gordon Bennett Race was held in Ireland, run over a distance of 545.8 Kilometres over closed [...]

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