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FIVA Culture & Youth Commission and the Youth Working Group


As there was not enough time during the General Assembly in November 2020 to present the group behind the projects such as “FIVA Celebrates the International Youth Day,” the “30 under 30,” and others that are being prepared this year, we are taking this opportunity to do so. This group consists of young enthusiasts from all over the world, young people by age or mind, not preoccupied with club or association politics or their status, all joined together by their passion for historic vehicles and history. “I would like to thank them from the bottom of my heart for being [...]

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Motoring Hero: Joe Ramirez


Joaquín Ramírez Fernández (born August 20, 1941, Mexico City) is an author and retired employee of several sports car racing teams. From 1984 to 2001 Ramírez was coordinator of the McLaren Formula One team, including during the infamous Prost / Senna rivalry of the late-1980s

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Patrick Rollet awarded the prestigious Ordre national du Mérite


Patrick Rollet It is with a sense of pride and pleasure that we would like to announce as well as congratulate FIVA’s former President, Patrick Rollet, who has been honoured in his home country, France, for his valuable services to his country, and certainly as well for his formidable contribution to the historic vehicle movement everywhere in the world. Rollet was recognised in President Emmanuel Macron’s New Year’s Honours, when he was awarded the Ordre national du Mérite, with the rank of chevalier, as a recognition of his almost five decades of service to society in general, and to [...]

Patrick Rollet awarded the prestigious Ordre national du Mérite2022-01-17T13:48:55+01:00
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