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FIVA Hall of Fame to Mr. Soichiro Honda


For the second time a FIVA Hall of Fame Award presentation was held in Japan, this time to recognize the achievements of Mr Soichiro Honda (1906-1991), who not only founded the Honda Motor Company, a multinational manufacturer of motorcycles and cars, but also was the enthusiastic force behind Honda´s world-wide roadracing successes starting with a first Isle of Man victory in 1961 and continuing to this day. Later Honda also entered formula 1 car Racing. The award was presented at the Fuji Motor Sports Museum at the Fuji racetrack to Soichiros son, Hirotoshi Honda who himself is a renowned motor [...]

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There are very few things that can make my family and me drag ourselves out of bed on a Sunday morning. However, 29th January 2023 was one of the early morning starts we were all really excited about, our 3 year old included for whom it was also the first ever vintage car rally! Talking of firsts, there were more than just one – my father could join us for this event and it was his first ever time experiencing a vintage car rally. My father and my daughter’s attendance in turn made it three generations in attendance – again [...]

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FIVA President’s visit to Dubai


Thanks to the good contacts of FIVA Middle East Ambassador Rony Karam, our President Tiddo Bresters could spend his time during a 48 hours stop-over in Dubai very well.  He met some local businessmen, like so many in Dubai with roots elsewhere, who are active in the historic vehicle scene in UAE. Both see a lot of potential for the classic car movement in the region. Tiddo also had the chance to attend an informal local classic car event. Of course Tiddo also met with FIVA’s ANF in the United Arab Emitates, EMSO (Emirates Motorsports Organization). They are very interested [...]

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