Historic Vehicles & Culture

    A letter from India

    from the host of the GC meeting in Bangalore

    March 26, 2019

    Dear Mr. President and Members of the GC,

    Thank you very much for all your support, appreciation and kind words.

    It was our pleasure to host you all here in Bangalore. Our three days with everyone was very memorable.  We all appreciated the kindness and the warmth of all the GC members present and really missed Howard, Jos and Paul.

    It was a great union of like-minded people who share the same passion.  Interacting with each one of you individually, we came to appreciate the kind of devotion and commitment you all and FIVA have to the cause of the historic vehicle movement.

    As you all must have realized that the Indian HV movement is not a young one, even if many of the enthusiasts you met were quite young.  It’s just that despite the so-called representation of India in FIVA was for more than two decades, we were allowed to meet and interact with FIVA only since 2014.  All thanks to the momentous meeting we had with you Patrick, at Retromobile 2014.  When we participated in the exhibition of Cars of the Maharajas in Paris.

    Since then, you may have also noticed that we have been regularly present at the FIVA General Assembly in significant numbers, also we participated wholeheartedly in FIVA’s 50th celebrations in Paris and at UNESCO. The General Assemblies have been a significant learning curve for us as we understand better the various initiatives and activities that FIVA has been promoting and participating in at the various forums and institutions. We believe and hope to convey and portray these same initiatives in India too, as can be seen by the symposium we organized at Bangalore.

    The primary objective of FHVI is further the Historic Vehicle Movement in our country by including families to participate in order to ensure that the legacy will be carried on for generations to come.

    FHVI, as you all know, is comprised of clubs and institutions, which are all many years old with KVCCC itself dating back to 1979.  Our combined history is fairly long.  Hence, we request and appeal to you to recognize FHVI as ANF and to allow us the opportunity to promote, preserve and protect the historical vehicle movement better than what we are able to.

    Once again thank you for your lovely mail.

    We look forward to hosting the FIVA General Assembly in October 2021 in Bangalore, India.

    Yours in Historic Vehicle Movement,

    Dr. Ravi Prakash

    +91 9945000009,

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