UNESCO and FIVA, a cultural partnership

Under the leadership of Rony Karam with strong support from past-President Patrick Rollet, FIVA has gained United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation non-governmental accreditation, see Rapport-Unesco-2017

UNESCO, it is like FIVA, a global organisation committed to preserving cultural heritage.
By associating historic vehicles with UNESCO programmes, FIVA believe that mutual benefits may be gained. Society was changed throughout the 20th Century by the development of road transport and by working with UNESCO, the perception of these developments can be enhanced.
The accreditation has been agreed with UNESCO’s headquarters in Paris.
FIVA ANFs and members have the opportunity to cooperate with national UNESCO organisations.

Assistance is available from Rony Karam and the Culture Commission with any initiatives. In return feedback on such activities to Rony and the Cultural Commission, via the Secretary (secretary@fiva.org), would be appreciated. We are in continuous contact with UNESCO Paris and can seek to support any national activities from the centre. Plus, other national initiatives could benefit from the shared experience.

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25 February 2023 - Bogota, 111111 Colombia
UNESCO Ambassadors and FIVA Representatives at the Retro Mobil, February 2019
Visit of UNESCO Headquarter, February 2019, Mr. Zako and Dr. Mechtild Rössler