The ‘Fédération Internationale des Véhicules Anciens’ (FIVA) was founded in 1966 in response to an idea formulated by a handful of organisations representing the interests of historic vehicle enthusiasts across a number of countries. The founders felt that the time had come for an international body to promote and guide the interests of the historic vehicle movement throughout the world. At present, FIVA comprises member organisations in 71 countries throughout the world, which in turn represent many millions of historic vehicle enthusiasts.

The board is formed of the president and eight vice-presidents, plus a number of directors for specific tasks. Since FIVA is a worldwide organisation, the board and its directors are assisted by ambassadors in various parts of the world.

The FIVA Team

President: Tiddo Bresters

Senior Vice-President:
Peter Edqvist
Internal Affairs

Senior Vice-President:
Mario Theissen
External Relations & Sponsorship

Gabriela Magureanu
FIVA Membership

Lars Genild


Malcolm Grubb
Events Commission

Nataša G. Jerina
Culture and Youth

Laurent Hériou

Technical Commission

Gautam Sen


Jos Theuns


FIVA General Secretary & Directors

Gian Mario Mollar
General Secretary

Keith Gibbins
Director Motorcycles

Timo Vuortio
Director Utilitarian Vehicles

FIVA Regional Ambassadors

Alec E. Daly
Ambassador South America

Rony Karam
Ambassador Middle East

Masaki Shimizu
Ambassador Asia