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    Paint expertise since 1888

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    Glasurit's paint expertise and company history go back to the beginnings of the automobile, when Berta Benz undertook the world's first overland drive in a car with an internal combustion engine. Glasurit is the paint manufacturer with the longest tradition worldwide. Founded in Hamburg in 1888, Glasurit is successful worldwide today - and a premium refinish paint brand from BASF since 1965.

    Glasurit – Global Partner of FIVA

    Our paint expertise and our commitment to maintaining the value of classic vehicles convinced FIVA. In 2016 FIVA appointed Glasurit as the official and exclusive partner worldwide in all paint matters.

    As a FIVA global partner, Glasurit clearly follows the guidelines of the Turin Charter. On the FIVA website we will report on various topics, historical research and cooperation. You can find a contact person for Glasurit in your country at There you will soon find further information on the subject of paint under the keyword Classic Car Colors.

    Glasurit Classic Car Colors – our service for Oldtimer-Friends < [...]

    China celebrates its 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China in 2019. In the past 70 years, great changes have taken place in China’s automotive industry. Plenty of classic cars surged during this period and profoundly affected Chinese style of life and way of travel.

    Shanghai Auto Museum, China’s first professional auto museum, launches - Chinese Automobile and Lifestyle exhibition named “70 years we went through Exhibition”. Taking the development of automobile industry and people’s lives of new China as main line, the exhibition reproduces multiple of classical scenarios concerning ordinary Chinese people and automobiles in the last 70 years by displaying over 20 national classic cars produced in various generations and over a hundred of auxiliary exhibits regarding national living memory. Walking in the exhibition, visitors will fully experience the history of China auto life.

    Multiple of classical national cars developed since the founding of new China are exhibited. Hongqi CA72, produced in 1959, enjoys extraordinary historical significance, marking the beginning of China automobile dream. It is the first generation of China-made high-end car put into service, the gift c [...]

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