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    The history of the ModenArt masters of building automotive bodies is one of the most fascinating. It is also one, which is hardly known. And, it is one of the extraordinary stories of artisans who, with their talent and passion, created some of the greatest masterpieces of automotive history. The auction market is an absolute testament to this, as the five most expensive cars ever sold in the world are all without exception the work of the modern bodybuilders of Modena. Entirely hand-made bodywork in the style of Renaissance sculptors with basic tools, a set of hammers, a log, a sandbag, shears, a worktop ... and without the use of any stylist. One can imagine the prodigious talent of these exceptional artists who have elevated these sculptures to the work of art. What though is left of these great crafts men today? Industrial change and the introduction of composite materials in the 1970s pushed this activity into decline. Most modern bodybuilders have since disappeared. The creations to which they participated have joined the most prestigious car collections. In Modena, the birthplace of this brilliant talent, there is no memorial place that evokes this magnificent page of history. No archival material has been preserved, [...]
    Classic Drivers of Calcutta (CDC), an active historic vehicle group based out of Kolkata, the capital city of the state of West Bengal in the eastern region of India, held their first meet and drive of the winter season on Sunday, the 20th of October, 2019. Nine classic cars, including a sexy Triumph Spitfire MkIII in fire engine red, met under the mild noon sun in front of the city’s historic Town Hall. Traditional Indian sweetmeats were distributed to all the members present - a ritual followed in India to mark an auspicious event, such as this inaugural drive of the season. After a half hour session of catching up and swapping stories (but of course all classic vehicle related!), the group left for the suburbs of the city, stopping midway in convoy for the public to have a better look at the cars. The drive ended at a country club where again, the historic vehicles were lined up for the public to enjoy. CDC’s first drive of the season included a first time participant, an immaculately restored 1968 Fiat 1100D (Indian assembled). Another Indian assembled 1963 Fiat 1100 103H, now a regular at the drives, recently attended the 4 day long FHVI Royal Classic Dasara Drive from Bangalore to Mysore towards the end of September, w [...]
    An increasing number of commercial outfits are offering to convert historic vehicles to run on electric power, replacing the entire drivetrain with an electric unit and batteries. In this way, they claim, it’s possible to retain the classic appearance of the vehicle while meeting modern environmental standards. As an additional benefit, the conversion might also increase power and performance. Some conversion companies have even obtained permission from the type approval/certification authorities to retain the original Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) of the donor vehicle, despite more or less replacing the entire drivetrain. FIVA’s view on electrification FIVA (the Fédération Internationale des Véhicules Anciens or international federation of historic vehicles) understands the motivation of some owners to electrify their vehicles – and acknowledges that, subject to legislation and regulation, all modifications are a matter of personal choice. However, FIVA – as an organisation dedicated to the preservation, protection and promotion of historic vehicles – cannot promote, to owners or regulators, the use of modern EV components (motors and batteries) to replace a historic vehicle’s powertrain. Conversion of histor [...]
    The FHVI Royal Classic Dasara Drive to Mysore, 2019 The Federation of Historic Vehicles of India (FHVI) held one of India’s largest, vintage & classic car and motorcycle gatherings between the 29th of September and the 2nd of October, 2019. With this, the FHVI marks its fifth successful pan India event. Officially known as the FHVI Royal Classic Dasara Drive to Mysore (member of FIVA), two words in the event description in particular stand out. Mysore was the capital city of the Kingdom of Mysore, ruled by revered dynasty for over six centuries. Over the course of the centuries, the Mysore Royal family built magnificent palaces, several temples, educational institutions, hospitals, dams and essentially designed the then capital city thus providing employment and guaranteed education to all the subjects in the kingdom. Now, a metropolis in modern day India in the southern state of Karnataka, Mysore attracts throngs of visitors, especially during the Dasara festivities. The festival of Dasara essentially marks the triumph of good over evil and what better way to celebrate it than in the city of Mysore where Dasara is celebrated with the greatest of pomp in India. The FHVI Dasara event in 2018 was the first such event by [...]
    These two beautiful cars have been stolen in Paris yesterday. Here are the details of the cars: Alfa-Romeo Giulia spider 1600 - 25/07/1964 - light blue - Plate FB-826-FW - Chassis 377757 2. Facel-Vega Facel III coupé - 25/02/1964 – grey – License AK-017-MN – Serial Number FB-C267 If you happen to see them, please let us know. Thank you for sharing this post.Logo: FIVA Logo 3081x1866px PNG  The above material can be used free of royalties within the scope of this press release. FIVA (the Fédération Internationale des Véhicules Anciens) is the worldwide organisation dedicated to the preservation, protection and promotion of historic vehicles and related culture, as well as their safe use. Since April 2017, FIVA has been a non-governmental partner of UNESCO, and continues to pursue its successful FIVA World Motoring Heritage Year programme. For more press informati [...]
    Though Chengdu may not be a city, which could be considered top-of-the-mind, when thinking of the most important Chinese cities, it is a rather large city (in the Chinese context) of over eight million inhabitants, with another 22 million in the greater Chengdu area. More importantly, Chengdu is a historical city of considerable significance, with its past tracing back to the third century before the Christian era. Thus, it is only but symbolical that the third museum to house historical vehicles in China (after Beijing and Shanghai) would be Chengdu. The Sanhe Classic Car Museum (SCCM), with a covered area of over 20,000  square meters, features a lavishly constructed and beautifully illuminated museum for historic vehicles, a “retro street,” a children’s entertainment area, an art gallery, a theatre, a library, as well as a coffee shop and a souvenir centre. Huang ZongMin (or Jason Huang, as he prefers being called), China’s biggest classic car collector, is the owner and curator of SCCM, as well as the chairman of Sanhe Group, which is one of the leading dealer groups in Southwest China, retailing Rolls-Royce, Aston Martin, Lamborghini, Lotus, Morgan, Audi, Volvo, Infiniti, Toyota and Honda cars. China’s largest private [...]

    CHISINAU Sidecar Party

    A Moldovian jewel in the chain of events of the FIVA Motorcycle Commission
    A group of friends and true lovers of automotive antiquity respect the events, which are under the auspices of FIVA - World Motorcycle Week. As a rule, this event is held annually in many countries. We also decided to join the global historic motorcycle movement and do it in our country. The director of ANF Retromobile AO Didenco V and the chairman of the motorcycle commission of our organization Dan Untura led this national event. We made an exposition of vintage motorcycles in the largest shopping center in Chisinau - Moldova. Thousands of people could see the carefully restored motorcycles, and they could even touch some of them. Of course, visitors saw the symbol of the event - the FIVA flag. Thanks to the Ministry of Culture, Svetlana Pociumban, who has harmonized the process of national legislation in the field of retro automobiles. Though the motorcycles are from different periods, they all carefully restored. The restoration process was carried out in Moldova. At the same time, all standards were observed - and the type of paint, the color corresponding to the period, authentic spare parts, assembly technology, materials that correspond to the period. There were also some cars. Recently imported to Moldova was a Jagu [...]

    We need to learn, before we can teach

    The digital era, Gen Z and historic vehicles
    I’m writing this article at the beach bar. It’s summer and I’ve brought the kids to the seaside. On the beach is a group of teenagers, sitting together for hours on end without talking – their communication is entirely focused on exchanging phones and showing each other what’s going on in the world via the small screen. The most physical effort they’ve made is to stand up, pull a face and take a picture, probably to be published on social media as a #nofilter photo, which my 11-year-old daughter has explained is a must on Instagram. If we thought millennials were addicted to technology, Generation Z teens put technology in the same category as air and water. They can’t imagine living without being permanently ‘connected’. As a parent, I’ve seen for myself that kids do have something worth being conscious for, despite all the technology that embraces them from the first day of their lives. They are born with curiosity, the desire to understand and to feel – and it’s vital that we encourage these instincts. It can be difficult but, if we want results, we need to accept the defining chara [...]
    Imagine being a young lad on Christmas: you are receive from your parents a Dinky-Toy Model of your favourite car (in my Case it would be a Simca-Abarth 1300) and you are becoming so happy! And then your Parents are giving to you another packet with another model of one of your dream-carsl and another one, and still another one, and… it doesn't stop! You are overwhelmed by the cars and your emotions, you hardly can understand,what is going on. This is exactly how you feel, when you are a spectator at the Vernasca Silver Flag! This event, already in its 24th edition, is a dynamic presentation of racing cars in the GT-, Touring-, Prototype and Monoposto-categories, dating from the 1920's to the 1980's. The start is in the charming little town of Castell’Arquato (south of Piacenza/Italy) and is following the old historic hillclimb to the village of Vernasca. It is a pure demonstration run without any time-keeping, to allow relaxed, but spirited driving. The track is approximately 9 km long. The entrance is free vor spectators, and you can walk all over the paddock to admire the cars and have a chat with the owners, coming from all over Europe.  There are more than twohundred carefully chosen cars to admire. This year, the ev [...]
    At Chantilly Arts & Elegance, Patrick Rollet and Gautam Sen, FIVA President and Communication Vice-president, presented the prewar best preserved trophy to the owner of the historic 1928 Bentley 4.5 litre Sports Tourer which boasts fastest lap at Le Mans on that year (127.604 km/h) and finished 5th overall; driven by Tim Birkin, one of the famous "Bentley Boys". The car is in an amazing original condition. Photo credit Serge CordeyLogo: FIVA Logo 3081x1866px PNG  The above material can be used free of royalties within the scope of this press release. FIVA (the Fédération Internationale des Véhicules Anciens) is the worldwide organisation dedicated to the preservation, protection and promotion of historic vehicles and related culture, as well as their safe use. Since April 2017, FIVA has been a non-governmental partner of UNESCO, and continues to pursue its successful FIVA World Motoring Herit [...]
    Well – what a fabulous week that was.  If you were unable to participate in the Andorran FIVA World Rally in early July you missed a real treat; it was a thoroughly enjoyable event. Lluis Dejuan and his team from the Andorran Association of Old Vehicles (AAVA) and the Automobile Club of Andorra (ACA) created a varied programme that satisfied all tastes.  We experienced great driving roads that were virtually traffic-free and scenery that was truly wonderful.During the week we enjoyed a series of entertaining and exciting adventures including the Trobotronc (a 5Km. downhill railed toboggan track), horse riding and white-water rafting. Our cultural experiences and evenings ranged from Guillem Tudó’s vocal and saxophone recital at the ONCA (National Classical Orchestra of Andorra) auditorium, motorcycle and motor museums and the Cirque de Soleil where music from the Bobs Marley and Dylan, Louis Armstrong and George Michael accompanied the wide variety of acrobatics and amazing motor-cycle feats for which the Cirque de Soleil is famous. The many gastronomic pleasures at daily lunches and evening dinners were well supported by the weather playing its part with sunshine, blue skies and daytime temperatures in the 30 – 36oC range. [...]
    The renewed FIA-FIVA agreement was signed on June 26th in Paris at the FIA Head Office. This document updates and clarifies the nature and scope of the relationship between the two organisations and sets the framework for a fruitful and friendly cooperation. Jean Todt and Patrick Rollet signed the attached document. Mario Theissen attended the meeting, representing the FIVA side of the FIA-FIVA Relations Committee, also including David Whale and Tony Davies. All three have been instrumental in drawing up this agreement and we thank them for this successful achievement. Click here to download the document in French and English:Logo: FIVA Logo 3081x1866px PNG  The above material can be used free of royalties within the scope of this press release. FIVA (the Fédération Internationale des Véhicules An [...]
    On the 25th and 26th of June, Frank Delesen (CP4Y) and Jos Theuns (FIVA) attended the EUCON After Market Symposium in Munster Germany. This yearly symposium is organized by EUCON GmbH who provides manufacturers, whole- and end-user market suppliers and other stakeholders in the industry with important data on vehicle age, usages and origin of spare parts, etc. With satellite offices in Europe, North America and Asia and more than 20 years in the business, EUCON GmbH can be considered a market leader in this field. Changing market conditions and an increase in the interest for youngtimers and historic vehicles was one of the reasons for the invitation that was kicked off with an informal BBQ get-together with… a number of classic vehicles! The EUCON staff, many of them high grade software engineers, also enjoy real vehicles next to their virtual software world and our Global Partner Glasurit was kind enough to attended this get-together as well, showing, amongst others, a Ford T-type and Jurgen Book’s “Green Monster”, a not-so-standard Texas inspired vehicle with snakeskin accents and other unique details that created much discussion and fun! The meeting took place on the Wednesday and was packed with very useful inform [...]
    Ruedi Muller during receipt of his Award
    Many years already Rudi Mueller represents the Swiss ANF SHVF in FIVA. At national level he is also very active. Already Since 1999 Rudi is the main organizor of the event Oldtimer-in-Obwalden (O-iO). Obwalden is one of the 26 Swiss cantons, with the small town of Sarnen as its capital city. Thanks to Rudi’s hard work the Sarnen city center last Pentecost weekend was full again with historic vehicles, attracting thousands of spectators to admire them. Because of his extraodinary contribution to the city’s life and fame and his outstanding engagement the city of Sarnen granted Rudi Mueller the town’s first culture promotion award. The certificate was handed over by the mayor of Sarnen at the opening ceremony of the event, in the presence of other high-ranking local and cantonal authorities. This award very well supports FIVA’s message: the preservation, protection and promotion of historic vehicles is Culture. Each well preserved historic vehicle is a link with the technique and style of the past. The award not only is a sign of recognition of Rudi’s work, but also rewards the efforts of all the individuals, clubs and businesses taking care to keep these vehicles on the beautiful Swiss roads, and to show them to the public. [...]
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