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OF THE GERMAN MOTORCYCLISTS’ ASSOCIATION (D.M.V.) History of vehicles that changed the flow of development and culture in a country! FIVA Culture Commission and FIVA Youth group present the story of Devrim, cars of the Turkish revolution Click here to read the full article: Die Erste Frau In Der Deutschen Motorradfahrer Vereinigung EN Text by: Roman Breindl (ADAC) in cooperation with the FIVA Culture Comission

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FIVA Motorcycle Week 2020 in Slovenia


Despite living in an unusual period due to the pandemics and in spite of the limitations for gatherings (today in Slovenia the limit is up to 10 persons per event), yet we managed to conclude a project planned for this summer. A group of enthusiasts travelled by their historic motorcycles for three days, starting in Nova Gorica, a town of roses in western Slovenia, on the border with Italy, and then travelled all the way to the east of the country to Miklavž, a small town know for pumpkin oil and vineyards. Along the country roads, they stopped at several [...]

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The world’s northernmost rally for historic motorcycles


Wet, cold, windy and absolutely amazing!! The Finnmark event is always held last weekend in June, and this time no exception. This year the event was held in Mehamn, at N71,2 north. This is about as far north you can go with an ordinary vehicle and from what we know, the northernmost event for historic vehicles. The trip on Saturday was among other places to the fishing village of Gamvik. The wind had calmed somewhat, but the clouds were still low with rain in the air. In Gamvik, the first stop was at Slettnes lighthouse, established in 1905, the [...]

The world’s northernmost rally for historic motorcycles2022-01-04T17:04:47+00:00

FICJA: the car which motorised Yugoslavia


History of vehicles that changed the flow of development and culture in a country! FIVA Culture Commission and FIVA Youth group present the story of FICJA, the car which motorised Yugoslavia. Click here to read the full article: FICJA The Car That Motorized Yugoslavia Text and pictures by: Dr. Giorgio Andrian in collaboration with the FIVA Culture Commission

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Paykan & Iran


The 1960s was an era of industrial development in Iran. One of the lynchpins of government planning of the period was to establish an indigenous automotive industry. After several fitful starts, including an unsuccessful venture with FIAT, a virtual revolution took place when, in 1966, the Iranian company Iran National, a licensee of Mercedes Benz buses, branched into passenger car manufacturing. The founders of Iran National, Ahmad Khayami and his brother Mahmoud, after negotiating with numerous international manufacturers, concluded an agreement with the Rootes Group for the CKD (Complete Knock Down) assembly of the Hillman Hunter. The contract also provided [...]

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Motoring Hero: Marcello Gandini


Interview with Marcello Gandini, designer of may great cars such as Lamborghini’s groundbreaking mid-engined Miura and extreme Countach, as well as many practical cars such as the Citroën BX, the first-generation BMW 5 Series (E12), the Innocenti Mini, and the Renault Supercinq. He introduced the concept of scissor doors with the Alfa Romeo 33 Carabo prototype, while the Lancia Stratos supercar was another Gandini design.

Motoring Hero: Marcello Gandini2022-02-14T08:00:38+00:00

Motoring Hero: Walter Röhrl


Walter Röhrl was a World Rally Championship favourite throughout the 1970s and 1980s, winning the Monte Carlo Rally four times with four different marques. His co-driver for many years was Christian Geistdörfer. His Fiat 131 Abarth carried him to the 1980 title, clinched with his victory in that year’s San Remo rally, but it was arguably his equivalent success in 1982 that impressed most of all, with Röhrl fending off audacious four-wheel drive opposition, led by Audi.

Motoring Hero: Walter Röhrl2022-02-14T08:01:35+00:00

Motoring Hero: Giacomo Agostini


Giacomo Agostini (born 16 June 1942) is an Italian multi-time world champion Grand Prix motorcycle road racer.  Nicknamed Ago, with an absolute record of 122 Grand Prix wins and 15 World Championships titles, of these, 68 wins and 8 titles came in the 500cc class, the rest in the 350cc class.

Motoring Hero: Giacomo Agostini2022-02-14T08:03:16+00:00

Motoring Hero: Frederick Spencer


Frederick Burdette Spencer (born December 20, 1961), known by the nickname Fast Freddie, is an American former world champion motorcycle racer. Spencer is regarded as one of the greatest motorcycle racers of the early 1980s. Interviewed here by FIVA Senior Vice-President Mario Theissen on the importance of maintaining historic vehicles for the world.

Motoring Hero: Frederick Spencer2022-02-14T08:03:57+00:00
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