Awards and Honors

    The significance of Awards

    Awards provide recognition and guidelines

    How often do we find ourselves looking for third-party endorsements before we start a new task? An award from FIVA, for example, can have a positive impact on the way Historic Vehicles are being restored or how part manufacturers finish their products. It is crucial for any organisation, in Business or the Arts to gain recognition for its products and services. Winning an award allows you to distinguish your efforts from competitors and ensure that as many potential readers as possible are aware of your accomplishments.

    High-quality preservation and maintenance in line with the original specifications are part of the FIVA standard. Therefore, the FIVA Preservation Award is a sought after form of recognition. The award is given to all kind of vehicles, ranging from exclusive brands and types to more common types although, due to their higher price, the more exclusive vehicles are often better kept over longer periods of time, sometimes within the same family.

    Awards received by FIVA

    17 june 2017, Residenzschloss Ludwigsburg

    The RetroClassicCultur e.v. is honored to give the National and International RCC Awards for Special Merit for the Preservation and Public Perception of Historic Vehicles to the Fahrzeugakadernie Schweinfurt and to the Fédération Internationale des Véhicules Anciens.

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