FIVA’s Culture Awards

    FIVA‘s Culture Awards

    In early 2018  the FIVA Culture Commission (CC) invited classic vehicle enthusiasts to nominate entrants for a new series of awards to celebrate our cultural and technical mobile heritage.

    FIVA (the Fédération Internationale des Véhicules Anciens or international federation of historic vehicles) announced that the Culture Awards would comprise the following three categories:

    • EDUCATION, TRAINING and the raising of AWARENESS

    At the 2018 annual FIVA General Assembly in Gibraltar, the CC had the honour of revealing the winners of the three categories. The selection proved to be difficult due to the quality of the submissions, and the CC needed to study all the applications in great detail, with consideration given to a range of factors that included media coverage, involvement of the general public and the participation of younger enthusiasts.

    Nataša G. Jerina, CC President, commented, “It was very satisfying and a surprise to receive so many applications in the first year of the award presentation, and the quality of the responses made selecting a winner even more of a challenge.”

    The FIVA Culture Commission is now pleased to announce that the 2018 winners by category are:


    Winner: The Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs with its National Historic Vehicle Survey
    The CC noted not just the comprehensive quality of the Survey but how the findings indicated a wider appreciation of historic vehicles by the British population; the association of historic vehicles with other heritage organisations; plus a set of figures, such as the £5.5 billion value of the movement to the UK economy, all of which help to influence the UK government and politicians to ensure we can continue to use our historic vehicles on the road. In particular, we were impressed by the understanding of employment trends and the need to ensure that skilled resources are developed in this sector, leading to the creation of the Heritage Skills Academy.


    Winner: The ‘Motorcycle Republic Symposium’, an event organised by the Hellenic Motorcycle Museum
    The CC noted that the 3-day event, part of the annual FIVA motorcycle week, welcomed more than 2,000 visitors who were able to see some 50 motorcycles and attend a comprehensive range of presentations, ranging from a video presentation on the ‘Charter of Turin’ to a talk on ‘Education in Riding Safely’.

    EDUCATION, TRAINING and the raising of AWARENESS

    Winner: Federación Mexicana de Automoviles Antiguos y de Colección, A.C. with the Diploma syllabus
    The project is very comprehensive, with a strong practical component and – having been in operation for nine years – it can boast approximately 300 graduates.

    Special Culture Award 2017

    Finally, the FIVA Culture Commission would like to thank Motorhistorisk Samraad and Mr Henning Thomsen for an application originally sent in 2017, nominating Mr Ole Sommer for a Culture Award for Dedicated Service. We’re pleased to confirm that the Commission has agreed to present a Special Culture Award in recognition of the wide-ranging and passionate commitment to historic vehicles, and Jaguars in particular, demonstrated throughout Mr Sommer’s life.

    “It’s fantastic to realise how many projects are being undertaken worldwide, many of which we are as yet unaware of, that we believe we should endeavour to promote whenever possible. We hope to receive many more applications in 2019 and we look forward to receiving them with great enthusiasm!” confirms Nataša Jerina.

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