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    The history of the ModenArt masters of building automotive bodies is one of the most fascinating. It is also one, which is hardly known. And, it is one of the extraordinary stories of artisans who, with their talent and passion, created some of the greatest masterpieces of automotive history. The auction market is an absolute testament to this, as the five most expensive cars ever sold in the world are all without exception the work of the modern bodybuilders of Modena. Entirely hand-made bodywork in the style of Renaissance sculptors with basic tools, a set of hammers, a log, a sandbag, shears, a worktop ... and without the use of any stylist. One can imagine the prodigious talent of these exceptional artists who have elevated these sculptures to the work of art. What though is left of these great crafts men today? Industrial change and the introduction of composite materials in the 1970s pushed this activity into decline. Most modern bodybuilders have since disappeared. The creations to which they participated have joined the most prestigious car collections. In Modena, the birthplace of this brilliant talent, there is no memorial place that evokes this magnificent page of history. No archival material has been preserved, [...]
    The event Under the Patronage of UNESCO held on September 8th 2019, organized by the Serbian Federation of Historical vehicles in cooperation with FIVA Culture Commission, celebrated the “80th Anniversary of the First Belgrade international automobile and motorcycle races“. The event was held at the Automobile museum in Belgrade. Aleksandra Kovač, Secretary-General of the Serbian National Commission for UNESCO, and Nataša G. Jerina, FIVA Vice President and Chairwomen of FIVA Culture Commission, took part in the event, with both giving speeches. On this occassion Mrs. Jerina presented the FIVA plaque to the Mrs. Kovač, expressing gratitude for the support and assistance of National UNESCO for this particular and impotant local project that has received the Patronage. FIVA strives towards preserving, protecting and promoting historic vehicles. Celebrating 80 years of racing, through joint efforts, viribus unitis, we encourage young people to understand our past and to work towards preserving historic vehicles as mobile heritage, to nurture as well as commemorate car racing and motorsport for future generations. This is the first message we are here to pass – collectively, to all of us. Many connoisseurs, mobility heritage admirer [...]
    Though Chengdu may not be a city, which could be considered top-of-the-mind, when thinking of the most important Chinese cities, it is a rather large city (in the Chinese context) of over eight million inhabitants, with another 22 million in the greater Chengdu area. More importantly, Chengdu is a historical city of considerable significance, with its past tracing back to the third century before the Christian era. Thus, it is only but symbolical that the third museum to house historical vehicles in China (after Beijing and Shanghai) would be Chengdu. The Sanhe Classic Car Museum (SCCM), with a covered area of over 20,000  square meters, features a lavishly constructed and beautifully illuminated museum for historic vehicles, a “retro street,” a children’s entertainment area, an art gallery, a theatre, a library, as well as a coffee shop and a souvenir centre. Huang ZongMin (or Jason Huang, as he prefers being called), China’s biggest classic car collector, is the owner and curator of SCCM, as well as the chairman of Sanhe Group, which is one of the leading dealer groups in Southwest China, retailing Rolls-Royce, Aston Martin, Lamborghini, Lotus, Morgan, Audi, Volvo, Infiniti, Toyota and Honda cars. China’s largest private [...]

    We need to learn, before we can teach

    The digital era, Gen Z and historic vehicles
    I’m writing this article at the beach bar. It’s summer and I’ve brought the kids to the seaside. On the beach is a group of teenagers, sitting together for hours on end without talking – their communication is entirely focused on exchanging phones and showing each other what’s going on in the world via the small screen. The most physical effort they’ve made is to stand up, pull a face and take a picture, probably to be published on social media as a #nofilter photo, which my 11-year-old daughter has explained is a must on Instagram. If we thought millennials were addicted to technology, Generation Z teens put technology in the same category as air and water. They can’t imagine living without being permanently ‘connected’. As a parent, I’ve seen for myself that kids do have something worth being conscious for, despite all the technology that embraces them from the first day of their lives. They are born with curiosity, the desire to understand and to feel – and it’s vital that we encourage these instincts. It can be difficult but, if we want results, we need to accept the defining chara [...]
    Ruedi Muller during receipt of his Award
    Many years already Rudi Mueller represents the Swiss ANF SHVF in FIVA. At national level he is also very active. Already Since 1999 Rudi is the main organizor of the event Oldtimer-in-Obwalden (O-iO). Obwalden is one of the 26 Swiss cantons, with the small town of Sarnen as its capital city. Thanks to Rudi’s hard work the Sarnen city center last Pentecost weekend was full again with historic vehicles, attracting thousands of spectators to admire them. Because of his extraodinary contribution to the city’s life and fame and his outstanding engagement the city of Sarnen granted Rudi Mueller the town’s first culture promotion award. The certificate was handed over by the mayor of Sarnen at the opening ceremony of the event, in the presence of other high-ranking local and cantonal authorities. This award very well supports FIVA’s message: the preservation, protection and promotion of historic vehicles is Culture. Each well preserved historic vehicle is a link with the technique and style of the past. The award not only is a sign of recognition of Rudi’s work, but also rewards the efforts of all the individuals, clubs and businesses taking care to keep these vehicles on the beautiful Swiss roads, and to show them to the public. [...]

    FIVA invites…

    nominations for 2019 Culture Awards
    FIVA (the Fédération Internationale des Véhicules Anciens or international federation of historic vehicles) invites nominations for its 2019 series of Culture Awards – designed to celebrate our cultural and technical mobile heritage. Last year, the first-ever series of FIVA’s Culture Awards saw the following winners in each category: RESEARCH – The Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs with its National Historic Vehicle Survey DEDICATED SERVICE – The ‘Motorcycle Republic Symposium’, an event organised by the Hellenic Motorcycle Museum EDUCATION, TRAINING and the raising of AWARENESS – Federación Mexicana de Automoviles Antiguos y de Colección, A.C. with the Diploma syllabus (a short film can be seen at   “This year, we’re looking forward to new projects winning awards,” comments Nataša Grom Jerina, chairwoman of FIVA’s Culture Commission. “We’re eager to see innovative new approaches, especially linked to skills and youth, alongside stunning but more traditional work. “These awards are open to everyone, to any classic vehicle enthusiast – they are not limited to FIVA members. Our aim is to find the best project in each category (listed in the award guidelines), whether it’s within a [...]
    2018 was dedicated to the cultural heritage of Europe. Variuos cultural events, attracting more then 3500 visitors, were organized all over Europe bearing the title European Year of Cultural Heritage. For us, historic vehicles enthusiasts, associated in Zveza SVS, FIVA ANF in Slovenia, the big questions were: are our historic vehicles and our activities with them also part of the cultural heritage and if they are, how to organize suitable events to celebrate the cultural heritage year. Very quickly we came to the decision that everything related to our activities with historic vehicles, including the vehicles themselves, represent our technical culture and is, therefore, part of our cultural heritage. Then we decided to start the project called »Štafeta od Pirana do Goričkega – Relay event from Piran to Goričko«. It was not a relay in the true sense of the word, but it was a journey of ideas and awareness of the value of everything that is past, yet a very important and indispensable part of our present life. Without the creations and achievements of our ancestors, materialized in the form of monuments, galleries, museums, parks, buildings, factories, we would have no basis  for our existence and for proving our identity tod [...]

    White Model M Steam Car

    HVA's "THIS CAR MATTERS" movement
    President Taft’s 1909 White Steam Car is significant based on three out of four of the Criteria for Historic Significance. First it is associated with important events and important persons in American history as the first Presidential Limousine. The Steam Car was acquired under the Taft administration and was enthusiastically used by the President who actively promoted the adoption of the automobile in America. The White Steam Car is further significant based on its informational value as the only one of the original four vehicles used by the Taft administration that survives today. When you first encounter the massive White Model M Steam Car, you’re immediately struck by its size. As you begin to acclimate to its outsized proportions, you begin taking in the details: the golden presidential seal; the steering wheel within a steering wheel; and the wild assortment of levers. But all of this pales in comparison to the historic significance of the car itself, one which arguably set the stage for much of what was to come with the dawn of the automotive age. Watch the film to learn more about President William Howard Taft’s 1909 White Model M Steam Car, the first presidential limousine.Text, pictures and video:
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