Retro Albania & FIVA – Symposium in Tirana, Slides and Recordings


The first symposium on matters concerning legislation was held in Tirana, Albania, on the 29th of April 2023. Hosted and organised by Retro Albania, and supported by FIVA, this hybrid symposium (which was broadcast on Facebook and via Zoom ) on Partnerships & Cooperation with Governments & Institutions was a resounding success, what with over a dozen speakers and presenters representing eight countries and four continents, and speaking and discussing about varied subjects on legislation, low emission zones, best practices, or problems at the state level in several countries regarding historic vehicles and their regular use. A synthesis of the presentations made are available here: [...]

Retro Albania & FIVA – Symposium in Tirana, Slides and Recordings2023-05-11T13:57:12+02:00

FIVA – Retro Albania Symposium


We have the pleasure to invite you to the first edition of the Retro Albania Symposium, entitled "Partnership & Cooperation with Governments & Institutions", which is being organized in cooperation with FIVA. The event will bring together experts, stakeholders, and participants from around the world, to discuss the significance of Government policies in creating and safeguarding a future for historic vehicles. The program will feature keynote speakers and panel discussions on topics such as best practices, effective lobbying on behalf of historic vehicles, and how to create cross-cultural alliances. You can download the program here: Tirana symposium program We are sure this is [...]

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Bring the automotive heritage closer to youth


With that in mind, Alfa Romeo Clube do Brasil embarked on a collaborative project with Colégio Dante Alighieri to connect students and parents to their Italian heritage. The idea is not just to host a historic vehicle exhibition on the school grounds, but also to raise awareness of the culture intrinsic to the vehicles and what they represent. Colégio Dante Alighieri was founded in 1911 by Italian immigrants with the objective of preserving and promoting their values in student education. This centenary institution is still active today in the Italian community, promoting cultural events. On the other hand, the club [...]

Bring the automotive heritage closer to youth2023-04-26T12:46:28+02:00

Storage and stabeling (Charter of Turin)


From time to time it might be necessary to store a vehicle . The  following suggestions are done for best pratice to prevent damage during storage: 1.  The use of water instead of coolant is not recommended in the cooling system of the stored vehicle. Water corrodes the radiator and the engine block from the inside. Water in the cooling system can freeze in the event of an unexpected failure of the storage space heating system. Water also contains limescale that can settle in the  cooling system and narrow or clog the channels (radiator). Cooling fluid provides protection against frost, [...]

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Of the many makes of prestigious car models on display in the famous Sinsheim Museum in Baden Wuerttenberg, we can well imagine that several have a story to tell.  But probably the most incredible story is the one regarding the Alfa Romeo Jankovits – otherwise known as the Alfa Aerospider  or the  Alfa Romeo 6C Aerodinamica Spider, the first car  that visitors come across at the entrance to the museum.   A unique, extraordinary vehicle, a car of the future, conceived and built twenty years ahead of its time. Hands up, those of you who are familiar with it!  The almost [...]

ARJ – THE ALFA ROMEO JANKOVITS STORY2023-04-19T17:35:41+02:00

Partnership and cooperation with GOV and other Institutions: FIVA Symposium in Tirana, Albania


The symposium dedicated to "Partnership and Cooperation with the Government and other Institutions",  will take place on April 29th, 2023 at the Maritim Hotel Plaza, Tirana, Albania, and you are all invited to attend its Facebook live session! Organized by Retr®️ Albania and FIVA, this event brings together an international lineup of experts, scholars, and industry leaders to explore the intersection of culture, government policy, and historic vehicles. The event promises to be an exciting forum for sharing ideas, exchanging knowledge, and forging new partnerships. As we delve into the complexities of the automobile culture and the difficulties of cooperating [...]

Partnership and cooperation with GOV and other Institutions: FIVA Symposium in Tirana, Albania2023-04-05T10:45:03+02:00

FIVA Hall of Fame to Mr. Soichiro Honda


For the second time a FIVA Hall of Fame Award presentation was held in Japan, this time to recognize the achievements of Mr Soichiro Honda (1906-1991), who not only founded the Honda Motor Company, a multinational manufacturer of motorcycles and cars, but also was the enthusiastic force behind Honda´s world-wide roadracing successes starting with a first Isle of Man victory in 1961 and continuing to this day. Later Honda also entered formula 1 car Racing. The award was presented at the Fuji Motor Sports Museum at the Fuji racetrack to Soichiros son, Hirotoshi Honda who himself is a renowned motor [...]

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FIVA President’s visit to Dubai


Thanks to the good contacts of FIVA Middle East Ambassador Rony Karam, our President Tiddo Bresters could spend his time during a 48 hours stop-over in Dubai very well.  He met some local businessmen, like so many in Dubai with roots elsewhere, who are active in the historic vehicle scene in UAE. Both see a lot of potential for the classic car movement in the region. Tiddo also had the chance to attend an informal local classic car event. Of course Tiddo also met with FIVA’s ANF in the United Arab Emitates, EMSO (Emirates Motorsports Organization). They are very interested [...]

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FIVA competition marks International Youth Day 2023


We look for innovative and bold photographs and paintings of historic vehicles in relation to Industrial heritage that express the importance of maintaining the classic vehicles on tomorrow’s roads. 1st Category: Photography of industrial buildings, gas stations, garages,…, related to classics or industry&classics… 2nd Category: Paintings/drawings of industrial buildings, gas stations, garages,…,  related to classics or industry&classics… 3rd Category: Photography showing an owner with his/her historic vehicle All works will be published on the FIVA Social media using the same hashtags: #fiva_classic, #culture #youth #internationalyouthday #2023youth,… Winners of each category should be announced by 30th September and receive publication of [...]

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The poster of FIVA International  Event „ 500 km slovenských „ won the annual nationwide Slovak contest for the best advertising poster „ Zlatý klinec „ ( Golden nail ) which was attended by Slovak and foreign agencies operating at the Slovak market . The origin of „ 500 km slovenskych „ goes back to the thirties , when in 1937 and 1938 hundred km long circuit comprising famous Carpathian pass Pezinská Baba was run around Bratislava . This year rallye with FIVA International Event status started in the High Tatras , in the old spa town Tatranská lomnica , [...]

HISTORIC CAR AND POSTER GRAPHIC ART – 500 km slovenských2022-11-29T15:24:27+01:00
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