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    Patrick Rollet’s recent retirement from the role of president of FIVA sees us saying goodbye to one of the most popular – and inspirational – figureheads the General Committee has ever served under. Known for his diplomacy and humour, his enthusiasm and good judgement, Rollet will be deeply missed.

    As an international organisation, a key challenge facing FIVA is to understand the widely varying nations that make up our membership – and to learn from each of the many historic vehicle cultures we represent.

    As a Frenchman with a British wife – and a track record of repeated visits to the USA to analyse and prepare for North American FIVA memberships – Rollet had made a good start long before he was first elected FIVA’s president in 2013. But in the six years since then, he has hugely extended our organisation’s global reach. While he’d be the first to say that he was not solely responsible for the many great leaps we’ve taken in recent years, Rollet nevertheless created an atmosphere that allowed us to thrive around the world. Hence, for example, FIVA has welcomed new members from such nations as Nepal, Bosnia, Namibia and Moldova, while presenting FIVA ‘best-preserved vehicle’ awards in Argentina, in Ind [...]

    Thank you, Tony!

    After more than a decade in FIVA, Tony Davies has ‘retired’ and been awarded the rare status of Honorary Member

    After more than a decade giving his time and effort to the benefit of us all, Tony Davies has ‘retired’ from FIVA and been awarded the rare status of Honorary Member – and when you consider what he’s achieved, it’s no wonder.

    For six years, from 2007 to 2013, Davies served as the first FIVA VP Trade and Skills with the aim of raising awareness – within FIVA and among the wider community of enthusiasts – of the specialist skills that are at risk of being lost, skills vital to the continued preservation, maintenance and restoration of historic vehicles.

    When Davies decided that new people with fresh ideas would be in the best interests of the movement, he gamely stepped aside… but if he thought his time would be freed up, he was mistaken. At the 2014 General Assembly, he was elected FIVA VP Strategy – a role that was needed to recreate the structure at the top of FIVA, and to implement updated and more relevant statutes and rules.

    But it was in late 2016, when asked by Patrick Rollet, the president of FIVA, to become the driving force behind the Events Commission, that Davies’ contribution to FIVA really stepped up a gear. As FIVA VP Events, he clearly saw the need to increase the organisation’s i [...]

    FIVA elects a new president

    Tiddo Bresters takes over from Patrick Rollet
    On Saturday 16th November 2019, FIVA (the Fédération Internationale des Véhicules Anciens or international federation of historic vehicles) elected a new president – Tiddo Bresters, a 65-year-old Dutch national with a background in law and international relations. He takes over from long-serving and greatly respected president Patrick Rollet, whose six years at the helm saw FIVA become a more professional, forward-thinking organisation, better able to champion the preservation, protection and promotion of historic vehicles and related culture. In electing Bresters, FIVA members endorsed this professional approach, ensuring that the good work of Rollet and his team will be continued. Bresters has served as vice president of FIVA for a total of nine years, with responsibility for the all-important Legislation Commission, where he steered FIVA’s successful negotiations at EU level to help protect the rights of historic vehicle owners across Europe. He comments: “I am deeply honoured to be taking on the role of president of FIVA at a time of enormous change in the world of mobility. In the new era of C.A.S.E. (Connected, Autonomous, Shared, Electric), it is more vital than ever to work closely with the various governments, en [...]
    An increasing number of commercial outfits are offering to convert historic vehicles to run on electric power, replacing the entire drivetrain with an electric unit and batteries. In this way, they claim, it’s possible to retain the classic appearance of the vehicle while meeting modern environmental standards. As an additional benefit, the conversion might also increase power and performance. Some conversion companies have even obtained permission from the type approval/certification authorities to retain the original Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) of the donor vehicle, despite more or less replacing the entire drivetrain. FIVA’s view on electrification FIVA (the Fédération Internationale des Véhicules Anciens or international federation of historic vehicles) understands the motivation of some owners to electrify their vehicles – and acknowledges that, subject to legislation and regulation, all modifications are a matter of personal choice. However, FIVA – as an organisation dedicated to the preservation, protection and promotion of historic vehicles – cannot promote, to owners or regulators, the use of modern EV components (motors and batteries) to replace a historic vehicle’s powertrain. Conversion of histor [...]
    These two beautiful cars have been stolen in Paris yesterday. Here are the details of the cars: Alfa-Romeo Giulia spider 1600 - 25/07/1964 - light blue - Plate FB-826-FW - Chassis 377757 2. Facel-Vega Facel III coupé - 25/02/1964 – grey – License AK-017-MN – Serial Number FB-C267 If you happen to see them, please let us know. Thank you for sharing this post.Logo: FIVA Logo 3081x1866px PNG  The above material can be used free of royalties within the scope of this press release. FIVA (the Fédération Internationale des Véhicules Anciens) is the worldwide organisation dedicated to the preservation, protection and promotion of historic vehicles and related culture, as well as their safe use. Since April 2017, FIVA has been a non-governmental partner of UNESCO, and continues to pursue its successful FIVA World Motoring Heritage Year programme. For more press informati [...]
    Imagine being a young lad on Christmas: you are receive from your parents a Dinky-Toy Model of your favourite car (in my Case it would be a Simca-Abarth 1300) and you are becoming so happy! And then your Parents are giving to you another packet with another model of one of your dream-carsl and another one, and still another one, and… it doesn't stop! You are overwhelmed by the cars and your emotions, you hardly can understand,what is going on. This is exactly how you feel, when you are a spectator at the Vernasca Silver Flag! This event, already in its 24th edition, is a dynamic presentation of racing cars in the GT-, Touring-, Prototype and Monoposto-categories, dating from the 1920's to the 1980's. The start is in the charming little town of Castell’Arquato (south of Piacenza/Italy) and is following the old historic hillclimb to the village of Vernasca. It is a pure demonstration run without any time-keeping, to allow relaxed, but spirited driving. The track is approximately 9 km long. The entrance is free vor spectators, and you can walk all over the paddock to admire the cars and have a chat with the owners, coming from all over Europe.  There are more than twohundred carefully chosen cars to admire. This year, the ev [...]
    Well – what a fabulous week that was.  If you were unable to participate in the Andorran FIVA World Rally in early July you missed a real treat; it was a thoroughly enjoyable event. Lluis Dejuan and his team from the Andorran Association of Old Vehicles (AAVA) and the Automobile Club of Andorra (ACA) created a varied programme that satisfied all tastes.  We experienced great driving roads that were virtually traffic-free and scenery that was truly wonderful.During the week we enjoyed a series of entertaining and exciting adventures including the Trobotronc (a 5Km. downhill railed toboggan track), horse riding and white-water rafting. Our cultural experiences and evenings ranged from Guillem Tudó’s vocal and saxophone recital at the ONCA (National Classical Orchestra of Andorra) auditorium, motorcycle and motor museums and the Cirque de Soleil where music from the Bobs Marley and Dylan, Louis Armstrong and George Michael accompanied the wide variety of acrobatics and amazing motor-cycle feats for which the Cirque de Soleil is famous. The many gastronomic pleasures at daily lunches and evening dinners were well supported by the weather playing its part with sunshine, blue skies and daytime temperatures in the 30 – 36oC range. [...]

    Town-award for event organizing family

    Same family organises event for 35 years!
    What started in 1984 with 24 cars has now become the most popular historic vehicle event of The Netherlands, with nearly 500 classic cars, trucks and buses: the National Oldtimer Day in the town of Lelystad. It is always held on the third Sunday of June. And very remarkable, the organization is in hands of one and the same family since the very beginning: Mr. William van der Meulen, his wife Tineke and their son Mike. This made the town government decide to award, at the occasion of the opening of the 35th. edition of the event, a <Town Compliment> to this family. The corresponding certificate was handed over by the town mayor Ms. Ida Anema. The event always has a big share of vintage and other pre-war cars and attracts also lots of exclusive post-war vehicles. Mr van der Meulen senior presents every single car to the public himself. Another interesting aspect of the event is that most participating cars are older than the town of Lelystad itself, which received city rights only in 1980. The town is the capital of the Province of Flevoland, that completely is situated on land that was reclaimed from the sea, the former Zuiderzee, and still constitutes the biggest man-made <new land> of the world. The event is com [...]

    40th Anniversary of the Montevideo Classic Car Club

    An important celebration for the FIVA Anf in Uruguay
    Last May, the Montevideo Classic Car Club celebrated their 40 th Anniversary with a Gala Dinner. The MCCC has been the FIVA ANF for over 33 years, driving the Classic & Historic Vehicle movement in Uruguay with great enthusiasm and drive. This has and continues being done within the FIVA Guidelines in all fronts, under Carlos Scoseria's direction, now strongly supported by their current Board presided by Mr Jean Paul Martinet. During the celebration, FIVA was very present, first when our President's, Mr Patrick Rollet congratulatory letter was shared with all the guests, followed by the speech given on behalf of FIVA by our South American Ambassador, Mr Alec E Daly, who also handed a special plaque recalling this important milestone. Finally, Mr Carlos Scosería received a spontaneous  ovation from all present, when he was invited to the stand to receive a well deserved  recognition for his dedication to the MCCC development during these first 40 yearsLogo: FIVA Logo 3081x1866px PNG 

    The big question:

    Will we still be able to drive in 20, 30, 50 years?
    FIVA (the Fédération Internationale des Véhicules Anciens or international federation of historic vehicles) poses the biggest question facing the historic vehicle community today: In 20, 30, 50 years’ time, will we be allowed to drive historic vehicles at all? “We can’t afford to be complacent when it comes to our future motoring freedom,” says FIVA President Patrick Rollet. “Congestion, pollution and road safety issues – all legitimate concerns – are contributing to the potential demise of motorists at the wheel of their own vehicles. Yet it’s the historic vehicle that is most at risk, despite their almost negligible effect on pollution and congestion, and our excellent safety statistics – while generating significant economic, social and tourist benefits.” …and will there be people to drive them? “But it’s not just a question of whether we’ll be allowed to drive. Perhaps the even bigger question is whether there will be drivers to use them; or, with the advent of autonomous vehicles, are drivers becoming ever more ‘historic’ themselves?” Why does it matter? “For the enthusiast, the answer is obvious,” continues Rollet. “The pleasure we get from owning, maintaining and using our classics is beyond description, b [...]

    A letter from India

    from the host of the GC meeting in Bangalore
    March 26, 2019 Dear Mr. President and Members of the GC, Thank you very much for all your support, appreciation and kind words. It was our pleasure to host you all here in Bangalore. Our three days with everyone was very memorable.  We all appreciated the kindness and the warmth of all the GC members present and really missed Howard, Jos and Paul. It was a great union of like-minded people who share the same passion.  Interacting with each one of you individually, we came to appreciate the kind of devotion and commitment you all and FIVA have to the cause of the historic vehicle movement. As you all must have realized that the Indian HV movement is not a young one, even if many of the enthusiasts you met were quite young.  It’s just that despite the so-called representation of India in FIVA was for more than two decades, we were allowed to meet and interact with FIVA only since 2014.  All thanks to the momentous meeting we had with you Patrick, at Retromobile 2014.  When we participated in the exhibition of Cars of the Maharajas in Paris. Since then, you may have also noticed that we have been regularly present at the FIVA General Assembly in significant numbers, also we participated wholeheartedly in FIVA’s 50th [...]
    For the first time since FIVA’s founding in 1966 that the General Council (GC) had its meeting in Bangalore, India’s fast growing tech city. Seven members of the GC – Patrick Rollet, Mario Theissen, Peter Edqvist, Tiddo Brester, Tony Davies, Gautam Sen and Natasa Jerina Grom – along with Gian Mario Mollar, FIVA’s Secretary General, discussed the many issues and concerns regarding the historic vehicle movement across the Globe. With a full day that lasted until 6pm of Friday and a half day session to complete the rest of the discussion and deliberations on Saturday the 16th of March, FIVA’s GC had a very fruitful one-and-a-half day session at the Oakwood Residency, a charming apartment hotel complex in Bangalore’s exclusive UB City mall. To celebrate the occasion, the hosting organisation Federation of Historical Vehicles of India (FHVI) went to elaborate lengths to put up an excellent exhibition of 42 exquisite historic vehicles – ranging from a tiny, but enthusiastic Austin Seven to a giant of a Mercedes-Benz Nurburg – on the forecourt of the mall, whereby thousands of enthusiasts and spectators enjoyed looking at and photographing these rare beauties. In the afternoon of the 16th of February, the Delhi-based Osianama Learn [...]

    The 2019 FIVA Stewards Learning Forum delegates.

    Liechtenstein hosted this important meeting
    During the weekend of February the 23rd, a large number of FIVA Stewards visited Liechtenstein to be updated on the latest rules, regulations and other important issues around FIVA Events.

    FIVA invites…

    nominations for 2019 Culture Awards
    FIVA (the Fédération Internationale des Véhicules Anciens or international federation of historic vehicles) invites nominations for its 2019 series of Culture Awards – designed to celebrate our cultural and technical mobile heritage. Last year, the first-ever series of FIVA’s Culture Awards saw the following winners in each category: RESEARCH – The Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs with its National Historic Vehicle Survey DEDICATED SERVICE – The ‘Motorcycle Republic Symposium’, an event organised by the Hellenic Motorcycle Museum EDUCATION, TRAINING and the raising of AWARENESS – Federación Mexicana de Automoviles Antiguos y de Colección, A.C. with the Diploma syllabus (a short film can be seen at   “This year, we’re looking forward to new projects winning awards,” comments Nataša Grom Jerina, chairwoman of FIVA’s Culture Commission. “We’re eager to see innovative new approaches, especially linked to skills and youth, alongside stunning but more traditional work. “These awards are open to everyone, to any classic vehicle enthusiast – they are not limited to FIVA members. Our aim is to find the best project in each category (listed in the award guidelines), whether it’s within a [...]

    Glasurit’s Jürgen Book

    to be awarded the “Golden Piston 2019”
    In 2019, the Forum für Fahrzeuggeschichte F-kubik (Vehicle History Forum) is once again awarding the “Golden Piston” for special achievements in promoting authenticity in vehicle history. The Forum für Fahrzeuggeschichte (Vehicle History Forum), also known as F-kubik or F3, has presented this award at the Bremen Classic Motorshow since 2006. Each year, it goes to a person who stands out for his or her exceptional achievement in promoting authenticity in the documentation of automotive history. Jürgen Book, Classic Cars Manager at BASF Coatings GmbH, will receive the “Golden Piston 2019” award. In early February 2019, Jürgen Book will be presented with the “Golden Piston 2019” award at a ceremony at the Bremen Exhibition Centre. Selected guests and media representatives will be present for the awarding of the certificate and a polished piston. Having initiated the Glasurit Classic Car Colors program in 2007, Book’s contributions to preserving vintage cars include the establishment of the world’s largest color database. The archive of Münster-based paint manufacturer BASF and its Glasurit brand contains thousands of historic sample panels that can be used to reproduce the authentic colors with state-of-the-art, legislation- [...]
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