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    Pete Gagan

    A pioneer of historic motorcycles in Canada
    While a keen admirer of the world pioneers in motorcycling history, Pete Gagan’s lifelong trail of accomplishments makes him a current-day pioneer himself. Pete has fostered a legacy of spreading his enthusiasm for historic machines across Canada and around the world. Starting in Ontario, where in 1968 he was the instigator of what grew to become the Canadian Vintage Motorcycle Group, Pete’s working life took him west in steps that included Sudbury, Ont., Calgary and Lethbridge, Alberta and finally Vancouver. In each locale his infectious enthusiasm helped raise awareness of the pleasures of old bikes and the camaraderie shared by their owners. Today he’s at the core of a group of vintage riders in the vicinity of the current home of himself and his wife, Mary Jane in Parksville, B.C. Growing up in Port Credit, Ont., in the mid-1950s, Pete found that information about early motorcycles was not easy to find. Knowledge could best be acquired from first-hand experience as well as seeking out old-timers willing to share what they knew. While he’s owned and ridden approximately 150 glamorous machines originating in many countries of the world, his first motorcycle was a 1950 British-ma [...]

    Unexpected talent

    An off-topic book by Gian Mario Mollar
    Gian Mario Mollar, our General Secretary heading the office in Turin, has some unexpected talents next to his skills to manage the FIVA office. Although being very busy with FIVA, he managed to finish his book on the hidden history of the Far West! About the book: The mysteries of the Far West begin where most of the western stories end, made of dust, sun and duels at noon, when darkness falls and the camp fires light up, when you listen to the coyote howls and tell stories. Gian Mario Mollar faces the Western epic from an almost unprecedented point of view in Italy. Facts, figures and episodes generally not well known are combined with the study of native folklore and spirituality, horror literature, esotericism and mystery. Vampires and ghosts, serial killers and werewolves, UFOs and winged monsters, haunted houses and Indian legends. Certainly unusual themes, however, treated in a rigorous way, to provide, when possible, an explanation or the tools to understand them more thoroughly. Topics covered: The vampires of New England A monster with a skeletal body, with large claws and sharp fangs: the wendigo The “shapeshifters” of Navajo folklore Ghost riders [...]

    Season Greetings from FIVA

    FIVA wishes a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all the historic vehicles’ enthusiasts in the world!

    We must all work together

    FIVA vows to bring more nations into the historic vehicle fellowship
    Enthusiasts from every corner of the globe must work together to protect the future of the historic vehicle movement, says FIVA (the Fédération Internationale des Véhicules Anciens or international federation of historic vehicles). “While more and more countries are joining the international historic vehicle movement, it’s vital that we continue to extend the reach of our shared values and heritage,” said FIVA President Patrick Rollet, who was in Gibraltar for the federation’s annual General Assembly on 17 November 2018. “FIVA members currently comprise 86 historic vehicle clubs and federations from 66 countries, representing more than a million and a half enthusiasts around the world, with nations such as Nepal and Moldova recently joining our ever-growing club of clubs. Yet there are still other areas of the world map that we long to welcome into the fold. Hence we are working hard to link up with countries such as South Korea, Indonesia [...]
    FIVA and the younger generation, a movie made by Lluis Dejuan of ASSOCIACIO ANDORRANA DE VEHICLES ANTICS

    White Model M Steam Car

    HVA's "THIS CAR MATTERS" movement
    President Taft’s 1909 White Steam Car is significant based on three out of four of the Criteria for Historic Significance. First it is associated with important events and important persons in American history as the first Presidential Limousine. The Steam Car was acquired under the Taft administration and was enthusiastically used by the President who actively promoted the adoption of the automobile in America. The White Steam Car is further significant based on its informational value as the only one of the original four vehicles used by the Taft administration that survives today. When you first encounter the massive White Model M Steam Car, you’re immediately struck by its size. As you begin to acclimate to its outsized proportions, you begin taking in the details: the golden presidential seal; the steering wheel within a steering wheel; and the wild assortment of levers. But all of this pales in comparison to the historic significance of the car itself, one which arguably set the stage for much of what was to come with the dawn of the automotive age. Watch the film to learn more about President William Howard Taft’s 1909 White Model M Steam Car, the first presidential limousine.Text, pictures and video:
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