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    On 16 October, the European Parliament Historic Vehicle Group met for the first time in the Parliament’s 2019 -2024 term under the continued Chairmanship of Bernd Lange MEP. Aside from Mr Lange, all the attending MEPs were new members of the parliament as none of the other previous members returned to the parliament after the elections in May. Consequently, the meeting was primarily devoted to explaining the objectives and procedures of the Group and to detailing past achievements of the Group and reviewing the regulatory environment relevant to the preservation and use of historic vehicles. This included explaining the importance of the definition of a historic vehicle and explaining and discussing the EU Transport policy objective to reduce the use of fossil-fuelled vehicles and protect the environment. Also Low Emission Zones, road pricing,  chemicals and fuel regulation were mentioned, all of which can impact on the use and preservation of historic vehicles. The Group also discussed the future mobility environment, looking notably at the impact of automation and electrification of vehicles. In that context, Tiddo Bresters, (President of FIVA’s Legislation Commission) explained FIVA’s position on the electrification of histo [...]
    In the weekend of 14-15 September, the Finnish FIVA ANF SAHK welcomed FIVA’s Legislation Commission (LC) to Finland to hold the second meeting according to its policy of having one of its meetings in each of the countries which at the time holds the 6 months Presidency of the European Union Council. The occasion was an opportunity for the LC members to learn about the legislative situation concerning historic vehicles in Finland and how SAHK uses its interactions with political and regulatory audiences to safeguard the preservation and use of our historic vehicles. On the Friday prior to the meeting, SAHK had also organized meetings with MEP ms Henna Virkkunen and ms Anni Antila of the National Finnish Automobile and Road Museum Mobilia. Henna Virkkunen is a member of the European Parliament’s Transport Committee which is instrumental in influencing and shaping EU transport policy which can impact on the preservation and use of historic vehicles. The meeting was very valuable as it allowed FIVA and SAHK to explain the value of preserving our motoring heritage and the need for support from decision makers and politicians to do so - particularly in this fast changing mobility environment. During the meeting with Mobilia, Anni [...]
    The Legislation Commission (LC) met on 11 and 12 May in Romania’s capital Bucharest. The meeting was hosted by FIVA’s ANF Retromobil Club Romania (RCR). By convening in Romania the LC implemented for the first time a concept that was presented to the 2018 General Assembly in Gibraltar. That is to have LC meetings in the country which at that time has the EU Presidency. According to a rotation scheme each of the EU Member States is EU President country for a half calendar year. In that period it leads all EU Council meetings and has a more influential role on the EU agenda. It offers the country the chance to put itself in the picture and makes it the first country to approach for interest representation too. The EU arena is FIVA’s sole multinational governmental playing field. For protecting the right to make use of public roads it is therefore essential that FIVA acts directly with EU politicians and policy makers, but for achieving results good cooperation with FIVA’s ANF’s and other national members in the EU Member States is very important too. So it makes sense to tighten relations with our members in the EU, to visit them and to learn about their concerns. So did the LC in Bucharest. RCR’s president mr Bogdan Coconoiu rep [...]

    FIVA meeting with Cabinet of European Commissioner Violeta Bul

    Responsible for all mobility policy in the European Commission
    On 9 September Tiddo Bresters, Nataša Jerina and Andrew Turner met with Jocelyn Fajardo and Alisa Tiganj, both members of EU Commissioner Violeta Bulc’s Cabinet. The meeting was made possible and arranged by Nataša, who is a member of the Slovenian Federation SVAMZ. During the 45 minute meeting, the FIVA delegation first explained FIVA, FIVA’s objectives and actions and the cultural and economic value of the preservation and use of historic vehicles. They then had a very constructive dialogue with the Cabinet members about historic vehicle use within the context of the DG MOVE’s policy motivations and current initiatives.  The meeting was very timely because DG MOVE has very recently published a document detailing its strategy for low-emission mobility which takes a holistic view of measures to better manage mobility using pricing and technological tools. FIVA therefore stressed that historic vehicles are different and distinct from all other road vehicles because of their cultural [...]
    U.S. Senator Gary Peters (MI) today (22-9-2016) introduced legislation to help preserve the legacy of American automobiles and motorcycles and the vital role they play in American culture and history. The National Historic Vehicle Register Act will authorize the Department of Interior to establish a federal register of historic vehicles to document and preserve records of American automotive and motorcycle history. “Few engineering innovations have had the same impact on American society as the automobile, and it is important for us to preserve the stories of vehicles that have played a critical role in American history,” said Senator Peters. “This legislation will ensure records of the historic vehicles will be available to inspire the next generation of automotive engineers and celebrate the accomplishments of the automotive industry that continues to be a vital part of our economy in Michigan and the United States. I am proud to work with the Historic Vehicle Association, the FIVA representative in the US and Canada, and the American Motorcyclist Association to support the preservation of America’s rich and unique automotive history.”
    The European Parliament Historic Vehicle Group met in Brussels on 7 December. FIVA and the MEPs had informed and constructive discussions about historic vehicles and policy concerns notably about the EU’s Low-Emission Mobility Strategy Low Emission Zones, Road tolling, the REACH legislation. The Group will next meet in march 2017.

    ‘Historic’ is not simply ‘old’ says FIVA

    As it lobbies for Europe-wide low-emission-zone exemptions.
    According to FIVA – the international federation of historic vehicles – a ‘historic’ vehicle is not simply an ‘old’ vehicle. FIVA is lobbying EU politicians for a clear definition of a ‘historic vehicle’ as it calls for consistent, Europe-wide exemptions from low-emission-zone restrictions. Patrick Rollet, president of the Fédération Internationale des Véhicules Anciens (FIVA), explains: “By ‘historic vehicle’, we mean a mechanically propelled road vehicle at least 30 years old, preserved and maintained in a historically correct condition and not used as a means of daily transport. These vehicles are part of our technical and cultural heritage and, in our opinion, should not be lumped together with old, badly maintained cars that are used as cheap, everyday transport, when considering the problem of urban air pollution.” FIVA understands the need for low-emission zones or LEZs, as towns have to comply with targets set in EU air-quality Directives and to meet health concerns expressed by the World Health Organisation. Clearly, as older vehicles tend to be more polluting than newer vehicles, LEZ measures often target older vehicles – but FIVA argues that there are many good reasons why the contribution of historic ve [...]
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