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    FIVA Parts Catalogue

    The FIVA classic car world federation with its 86 affiliated national federations in 66 countries worldwide, in collaboration with, provides the

    in standardised form all over the world. FIVA actively supports the worldwide availability of reliable data and the use of high-quality original spare parts for historic vehicles. >2 million vehicle owners organised within FIVA, but also all other owners, have direct access to the current Original Equipment Parts (OE), spare and specific used parts markets, as well as the registered reviewers and workshops.

    Problem: parts availability

    As the number of classic and modern classic cars rises, the search for parts becomes increasingly problematic. Demand exceeds supply, prices rise, supply sources dry up. It is often unclear which parts are still available, where and at what price.

    Only about 20% of all parts are developed and produced by the vehicle manufacturer, primarily engine and body assemblies. OEMs contribute the other components. All of these original parts, in other words, original equipment, are held by the manufacturers beyond the production time: however, not for an indefinite period.

    The second industrial source is the replacement market, i.e. parts that have been produced specifically for this purpose. Here, too, supply becomes incomplete when falling demand no longer permits profitable production.

    The gaps are to some extent bridged by smaller companies that specialise in the reproduction of historic and vintage parts. collates these sources for you, thus for the first time providing an overview of the current status of parts availability from a single source. As is to be expected, the younger the vehicle, the better supply will be, starting from the 1960s. For prewar vehicles, however, only a handful of parts from industrial production are on offer. In such instances further targeted searches are required, for example via the shop portal with access to the parts warehouse of the affiliated workshops with used and new-old stock parts. FIVA supports this initiative but obviously is not responsible for the content of the CP4Y website and the correctness and completeness of the information provided.

    1. A complete overview of available parts
    2. Sources of supply with prices for OE and replacement market parts
    3. Technical and price information from the manufacturer, unchanged
    4. For the first time also information about substitutions 
    5. Which part is used to replace a component?
    6. Which component has replaced a component?
    7. Which vehicle type of this brand uses the same part?


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