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FIVA’s work is undertaken by six commissions, each taking responsibility for specific tasks within the historic vehicle movement.

Technical Commission

As well as keeping records of all FIVA Cards issued worldwide, the Technical Commission safeguards standards of historic vehicle originality and condition.

Utilitarian Commission

The FIVA Utilitarian Commission is dedicated to utilitarian vehicles, including trucks, buses, campers, agricultural machinery and military vehicles of all kinds.

Legislation Commission

FIVA’s Legislation Commission aims to ensure that national and international legislation does not adversely affect owners of historic vehicles and the use of these vehicles on public roads.

Culture & Youth Commission

The FIVA Culture and Youth Commission aims to preserve the culture surrounding historic vehicles, while actively involving the younger generation.

Events Commission

The Events Commission oversees FIVA-supported historic motoring events around the world, with a remit that covers the organisation, direction, and management of such events.

Motorcycle Commission

The FIVA Motorcycle Commission deals with two-wheeled motor vehicles such as motorcycles, mopeds and motorised bicycles, along with three-wheeled vehicles and associated events.

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