The FIVA Motorcycle Commission

The Motorcycle Commission is passionate about two- and three-wheeled vehicles, from mopeds to superbikes. We believe they have a great history, from the early, steam-driven examples to the innovative machines developed during the 20th Century. Remember, we have a rolling 30-year-or-older rule.

Not only was the technology fascinating but the freedom to ride almost anywhere, particularly for the young and adventurous, led to cultural changes in society. From commuting to touring and racing, riders often joined together to form clubs and groups to share their enjoyment. Our enthusiastic members around the world love to ride, maintain, talk about and show historic motorcycles. In doing so, they keep alive a special form of mobile heritage for the benefit of the whole of society.

Aims and Objectives of the Commission

  1. Develop communications and areas of joint interest between the motorcycle groups in FIVA member countries, including other global and regional motorcycling organisations
  2. Cooperate with the other FIVA commissions to safeguard the freedoms we enjoy in using our machines without restriction
  3. Produce an annual calendar of events of special or exclusive interest to motorcyclists
  4. Encourage and promote the concept of a series of ‘World Events’ for historic motorcycles
  5. Promote a global FIVA Motorcycle Week
  6. Involve younger people in our activities, with the aim of stimulating an ongoing interest in our movement

Commission Meetings

The commission meets regularly face-to-face and virtually. The agenda includes monitoring our progress against all the above objectives and looking for fresh ideas and initiatives.


Every year, we aim to organise a FIVA World Motorcycle Event. This is held in a member country with the support of the national organisation. We hold a list of interested countries and aim to be able to plan three years ahead.
The commission is proud to have initiated FIVA Motorcycle Week. Started in 2013, it has developed into a worldwide occasion involving many events and riders, the aim being to promote historic motorcycles by raising their profile globally. We are keen to continue to add more countries, events and participants in the future.

Members of the FIVA Motorcycle Commission


Keith Gibbins
Email: here


  • Bjorn Austad Havleby (N)
  • Bogdan Coconoiou (RO)
  • Palmino Poli (I)
  • Takis Panagiotis Mariolopoulos (GR)
  • Papoutsis Athanasios (GR)
  • Pavel Simek (CZ)
  • Jochen Kleine (D)
  • Dejan Breznik (SLO)

Associate members:

  • Fabio Maina (I)

Motorcycle Week

FIVA national organisations and clubs around the globe are taking part in this year’s ‘FIVA Motorcycle Week’. A concept that has been evolving over the last few years, brainchild of the FIVA Motorcycle Commission, this series of motorcycle events connected to the classic motorcycle world was designed to attract the attention of the world’s vintage motorcycle scene. Normally taking place in June, several motorcycle events in different countries aim to outline the importance of classic motorbikes, increase their visibility in the world, and promote FIVA. However, for 2021, given the pandemic and the related national restrictions, we are open to events being organised when possible, not only in June. The number of countries participating in 2019 increased to 23 and it’s anticipated that over 10,000 participants celebrated the great thing they have in common – a love of two- (or three-) wheeled machines. India and international organisation FIM were among the listed participants. This year’s events calendar is not yet complete. We invite you to support the initiative by taking part individually, or adding your own event to the global celebrations.

This is how to become involved:

  1. Organise event, date, location, riders
  2. Advise FIVA and request number of PINs and date required
  3. Organisers can use the PINs as they see fit. For example, distributed at the start or the end of a run. It would be sensible to keep a few in reserve for those that lose them on the day!
  4. Send a short note and many pictures covering the event to FIVA
  5. In doing so, you grant FIVA the right to use the pictures

For further questions please contact the FIVA Office at

The 2023 Pin!


The downloadable documents of the Motorcycle Commission and the other FIVA commissions can be found here.

Also, the updates on EU regulations that might or will affect the use of historic vehicles and youngtimers can be found there.

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