The FIVA Commissions

    Working groups, working for you!

    The FIVA Commissions all have their individual tasks to ensure that the development of our national and international goals are reached.

    The Commissions fulfill their tasks by:

    1. Building their understanding of the historic vehicle movement through knowledge sharing and by undertaking research
    2. Monitoring and assessing regulatory developments at the national, EU and global level
    3. Maintaining dialogue with decision makers (the European Commission, Members of the European Parliament, Member state Governments and civil servants and the UN)
    4. Presenting FIVA’s concerns and solutions to the relevant decision-makers when necessary.


    Legislation Commission

    Dealing with all legal issues concerning the use, preservation and promotion of the classic vehicles looked after by the FIVA. This includes issues like road-tax, daylight driving light, low emission zones, taxation of ownership, etc.


    Culture & Youth Commission

    Apart from the cultural value of Classic Vehicles, this commission also looks into the preservation of related objects such as factories, gas stations, garages etc. that played a role in the history of Classic Vehicles.

    Technical Commission

    The Technical Commission of FIVA is the body to find standardized methods and rules for the dating and classification of historic vehicles and is also responsible for issuing the FIVA ID-Card.


    Events Commission

    According to the FIVA statutes, the General Assembly delegates the power to control events to its Events Commission (EC), The EC’s remit covers all matters concerning the organisation, direction and management of such events within the FIVA specified sector of interest.

    Motorcycle Commission

    This commission looks after the specific needs and requirements of the classic motorcycles with regards to road safety, preservation and protection of this important part of the Classic Vehicle scene.

    Utilitarian Commission

    This commission looks after utilitarian vehicles, agricultural vehicles, buses and other, usually larger, ways of motorized  transport. The needs and requirements of these vehicles is somewhat different for the others but just as important for our heritage!

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