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    The FIVA Utilitarian Commission

    The Utilitarian Commission in FIVA is an internal work group that deals with all matters relating to the categories of vehicles represented, both for civil and military use. In particular, these are trucks, buses, campers, agricultural machinery, military vehicles of all kinds. Every year the Commission elects or renews its election as it currently has 5 members from Italy, Sweden, the Czech Republic, Slovenia and Slovakia. Inside, it consists of a President, a vice president and a secretary. The Commission meets in plenary session at least once a year, while the individual members meet as often as necessary to fulfill the tasks and projects assigned to the Commission. Moreover, the members of this Commission will be present at all the meetings of the most important international or national institutional organizations; moreover, they will participate in joint meetings of other FIVA Commissions, when necessary, for better achievement of the pre-set objectives.

    This working group is interested in all the problems related to the vehicles it represents. Every question related to this sector can be addressed to the Commission through the email address utilitarian@fiva.org.

    Objectives and Tasks:

    Every year the Commission presents new work projects; currently they are the following: List of specific Clubs: data collection and information about the various World Clubs specialized in the sectors represented and its list; List of events: every year the Commission tries to create a list of international events related to military vehicles, agricultural machinery, industrial and commercial vehicles; a member of the Commission is often sent as a FIVA representative.

    The Commission, for the year 2019, is carrying out the following projects:

    Legislative Project: this is a work that intends to prepare a list of problems relating to the vehicles depicted relating to circulation, driving and property and then identifying the possibility of standardizing the regulations, at least at the European Community level.

    Cultural Museum Project: a list is in progress with the main museums and private collections of military vehicles, transport vehicles, agricultural vehicles, etc. to be put on the web available to all FIVA members. Also in electronic format.

    E.C.A. Project: this is a multi-year project that provides for the preparation of technical data sheets relating to vehicles represented by the Commission in electronic format: some are already available on the website.

    Events Projects: to promote our sectors, the Commission is identifying important international events reserved for trucks, buses, military vehicles, campers, agricultural machinery to be present to develop and promote the collecting of these particular vehicles.

    1. Specialists
      The Commission received more and more information about people specialising in certain makes of vehicles and produced a list of them.
    2. Special matters
      The Commission tried in the past two years to obtain information about the problems existing in several countries and to gather the specific laws applying in those countries. This item will be worked out the next year.
    Technical “slibs”

    During the working year 2000, the commission worked very hard to translate technical slibs of military vehicles. We will translate other technical slibs about agriculture vehicles.

    Technical Data Sheets

    As part of its service, many members interested in the preservation of commercial, military, agricultural and other utilitarian vehicles, the Commission has prepared some technical data sheets about a variety of utilitarian vehicles.

    You can access these files through the links at the top of this page. We hope that you will find these useful and aim to continue to expand this library. If you would like more information about particular vehicles or about the work of the Commission, please email here.

    Members of the FIVA Utilitarian Commission


    Roberto Sarzani (I)
    E-mail: here

    Commission members
    • Timo Vuortio – Sweden (Secretary)
    • Ivasko Mikulas – Slovak Republik
    • Frantisek Cecil – Czech Republic
    • Petja Grom – Slovenia
    Associated member
    • Paolo Thaon di Revel

    march 2020

    27marAll Day29XLII Rally Internacional del Rio de la PlataEvent Type :National Event,RegularityVehicles admitted: :Cars,Motorcycles,Utilitarian

    28marAll Day299ème Salon Caritatif CAR ENTR'AIDEvent Type :National Event,Static Show/ExhibitionVehicles admitted: :Cars,Motorcycles,Utilitarian

    april 2020

    25aprAll Day26Historic Vehicle DaysEvent Type :National Event,Static Show/Exhibition,TouringVehicles admitted: :Cars,Motorcycles,Utilitarian

    august 2020

    20augAll Day22Transylvania ClassicEvent Type :International Event,RegularityVehicles admitted: :Cars,Motorcycles,Utilitarian

    january 2021

    17janAll Day23VERO 2021 INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL OF MOTORINGEvent Type :National Event,TouringVehicles admitted: :Cars,Motorcycles,Utilitarian

    FIVA‘s link to the IMVCC

    The International Military Vehicle Collectors Club (IMVCC) of Mr. Brezza has created an archive of many military vehicles. An overview of the specifications of these vehicles can be found here

    Documents and other downloads of the Utilitarian Commission

    Progress reports and other information with regard to Truck, Busses, Vans and other Commercial and Utility Vehicles will be published here.

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