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    Fédération Internationale des Véhicules Anciens (FIVA)
    Villa Rey, Strada Val San Martino Superiore 27/B, 10131 Torino, Italy

    Mailing larger files or many pictures

    If you want to mail large files, many pictures or other information, consider WeTransfer. This allows you to mail 2GB of data via a free service. WeTransfer can be found here. Mail the information to

    How to mail material:

    • Pictures should be minimal 650pix wide and of good resolution, 150dpi or higher.
    • By submitting material, you grant the right to FIVA to publish your pictures and other material on the FIVA website and other material that FIVA produces to protect, preserve and promote our goals. In case you want to limit this to the website or printed material only please indicate this clearly in your email!
    • If you mail a word file with embeded pictures at specific places since they relate to the text above or below the pictures, please also include the pictures separately. This saves the webmaster from having to extract the pictures from the word file one-by-one.
    • Material mailed for publication on the website should be in an editable format, please no pdf files since copying text from that can be very time-consuming. Should you want a downloadable pdf file on the website as well, add this as a separate file.
    • Use standard fonts like Ariel or similar, do not use special characters and emoji signs in the text.
    • If the information is time-limited (event information, etc.) please indicate clearly when the information should be removed from the website. This is especially important for entry forms for events.

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