Information, guides and other literature

    What FIVA documents can you find where?


    Culture & Youth Commission:

    Information from the Culture & Youth Commission can be found here

    • Commission report
    • Charter of Turin
    • Youth programs
    • The Culture Award nomination form
    • Etc.

    Motorcycles Commission

    Information on Motorcycles, the commission and other documents here

    • Commission Reports
    • FIM / FIVA relationship
    • Reports and other information on Motorcycle Week
    • Etc.

    Events Commission

    Organising an event? You can find all you need here

    • Events codes
    • FIVA Stewards Handbook 2019
    • Guidelines for (World) Rallies
    • Commission reports
    • Etc.

    Technical Commission

    Technical Commission information here

    • FIVA ID-cards
    • Scruteneer’s handbooks
    • Vehicle Authenticity
    • Commission Reports
    • Etc.

    Legislation Commission

    Legislative Information can be found here

    • EU-Updates
    • Information on Low Emission Zones
    • Effects of E-10 Fuel on Historic Vehicles
    • Commission report
    • Etc.

    Utilitarian Commission

    Information from the Utilitarian Commission here

    • Commission reports
    • Specifics on trucks, buses and other commercial vehicles
    • Etc.

    Presentations of the General Assembly - Limassol Cyprus 2019

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