Historic Vehicles & Culture

    European Year of Cultural Heritage Events

    2018 was dedicated to the cultural heritage of Europe. Variuos cultural events, attracting more then 3500 visitors, were organized all over Europe bearing the title European Year of Cultural Heritage. For us, historic vehicles enthusiasts, associated in Zveza SVS, FIVA ANF in Slovenia, the big questions were: are our historic vehicles and our activities with them also part of the cultural heritage and if they are, how to organize suitable events to celebrate the cultural heritage year.

    Very quickly we came to the decision that everything related to our activities with historic vehicles, including the vehicles themselves, represent our technical culture and is, therefore, part of our cultural heritage. Then we decided to start the project called »Štafeta od Pirana do Goričkega – Relay event from Piran to Goričko«.

    It was not a relay in the true sense of the word, but it was a journey of ideas and awareness of the value of everything that is past, yet a very important and indispensable part of our present life. Without the creations and achievements of our ancestors, materialized in the form of monuments, galleries, museums, parks, buildings, factories, we would have no basis  for our existence and for proving our identity today

    Zveza SVS member clubs and some non-member clubs, organized events dedicated to those places of cultural interest. The program of each meeting focused on one cultural event, whether it be a visit of a museum or other similar institution, a visit to a historical site, a celebration of an anniversary, and similar. The reports on the events were passed over to the next club in line and so creating the relay. 33 clubs encouraged and gathered over 3.500 participants with their historic vehicles to visit these places.

    The relay began in April in West Slovenia, in beautiful Piran, with a visit of Maritime Museum and then moved eastward towards Goričko, to Grad in September, the biggest medieval castle in Slovenia, passing by many other beautiful and historic places.

    Every driver of the historic vehicle has been awarded a certificate of participation and a badge with the inscription „Štafeta SVS 2018 – European Year of Cultural Heritage«.

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