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For the first time a FIVA World Rally in Bulgaria, what an exciting prospect! The event will bring you to the centre of the Balkans, a region full of history, culture and natural wealth. So exactly the domain, where driving a historic vehicle is a pleasure you will enjoy from start to finish of the daily stages.

The organisation of the rally is in the capable hands of Bulgarski Avtomobilen Klub Retro (BAC Retro), our National Member (ANF) in Bulgaria. This guarantees that the participating teams not only will enjoy well-prepared routes through beautiful landscapes and along many places of interest, but also will experience the hospitality and the culinary skills of the Bulgarian people.

The participation of many teams from abroad, from countries in the region and beyond, makes a FIVA World Rally the international FIVA flagship event it is meant to be. The passion for historic vehicles is global, and that is what we want to celebrate in every FIVA World Rally, together with the people in the towns and villages the rally will pass. Our FIVA World Rally label implies that the organizers will go the extra mile to meet or even exceed your expectations.

Therefore don’t miss this unique chance to discover – on classic wheels – a country many of you probably won’t have visited before, but will like as I do.

Tiddo Bresters
FIVA President

Dear Classic fans, Dear Friends,

As I promised to you during our meeting in Bad Sassendorf I arranged a transport for your beloved cars – Frankfurt-Plovdiv-Frankfurt.

As you may remember, Plovdiv is the Centre of FWRBulgaria 2022 and the HQ of the rally is located there. The truck that will do the transport has a capacity of 8 cars standard size and it will cost 7600 Euro with insurance coverage of 300 000 euro. This is a standard insurance and if somebody needs a bigger one it is up to his decision and could be done by himself.

The price given is for a truck and does not depend on the number of cars loaded. If you gather more than 8 cars I will arrange another truck and if it is not completely loaded you might share the cost between all of you so this way the transport cost will be fair.

Example: 8 cars x 950 equals to 7600 Euro. If you are with 14 cars that means the cost of the two trucks (15200 Euro) should be divided by 14 or the figure will be roughly 1086 Euro.

The whole operation will be organized with a specific timetable so the cars will arrive on time at both destinations. Have in mind that this is just a suggestion. The final decision is completely yours. I will be glad to be your host in FWR Bulgaria during the second week of June 2022.

Kind regards
Kamen Mikhailov
CoC FWR Bulgaria

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