The FIVA Card is a document issued to an owner who has provided detailed information on the history of his/her vehicle, technical information, any modifications made, and other crucial information. Once these details have been checked by the ANF (Authorised National Federation) and the vehicle has been inspected to confirm the accuracy of the information, the FIVA Card is issued.

The FIVA Card therefore records important historical details such as previous owners, key events the vehicle has attended, and restoration work. This can be used to prove eligibility for rallies and other events that require evidence of authenticity.

The information gathered is also, in an anonymous version, used to compile data on marques, types of vehicles, and parts used. This can encourage, for example, manufacturers to invest in (re)production of a gasket set for a specific type of carburetor, friction dampers, or friction disks.

In this way, the FIVA Card functions as proof of the originality of a vehicle and also as a valuable source of information that will help you, as the owner, to obtain spare parts that would otherwise not be produced.

  • Note that although FIVA and the ANF will undertake thorough investigations into the originality of the vehicle, and the findings of such are generally accepted by organisers of rallies and other events, vehicle traders, and other stakeholders, the FIVA Card is issued as the result of a ‘best-effort’ investigation of a vehicle’s history, provenance, and originality. High-quality fraudulently manufactured vehicles and components cannot always be detected without very expensive, and sometimes even destructive, investigations. Hence. the FIVA Card is issued without legally binding proof of authenticity.