What is a historic vehicle?2022-04-23T06:44:20+02:00

FIVA defines it as a mechanically propelled road vehicle at least 30 years old, preserved and maintained in a historically correct condition, which is not used as means of daily transport and which is therefore part of our technical and cultural heritage. A youngtimer is a similar vehicle between 20 and 29 years old.

What is the FIVA Card?2023-08-29T09:23:25+02:00

The FIVA Card is a document issued to an owner who has provided detailed information on the history of his/her vehicle, technical information, any modifications made, and other crucial information. Once these details have been checked by the ANF (Authorised National Federation) and the vehicle has been inspected to confirm the accuracy of the information, the FIVA Card is issued.

The FIVA Card therefore records important historical details such as previous owners, key events the vehicle has attended, and restoration work. This can be used to prove eligibility for rallies and other events that require evidence of authenticity.

The information gathered is also, in an anonymous version, used to compile data on marques, types of vehicles, and parts used. This can encourage, for example, manufacturers to invest in (re)production of a gasket set for a specific type of carburetor, friction dampers, or friction disks.

In this way, the FIVA Card functions as proof of the originality of a vehicle and also as a valuable source of information that will help you, as the owner, to obtain spare parts that would otherwise not be produced.

  • Note that although FIVA and the ANF will undertake thorough investigations into the originality of the vehicle, and the findings of such are generally accepted by organisers of rallies and other events, vehicle traders, and other stakeholders, the FIVA Card is issued as the result of a ‘best-effort’ investigation of a vehicle’s history, provenance, and originality. High-quality fraudulently manufactured vehicles and components cannot always be detected without very expensive, and sometimes even destructive, investigations. Hence. the FIVA Card is issued without legally binding proof of authenticity.   
Who needs a FIVA Card?2022-04-23T06:54:44+02:00

Some event organisers (rallies, static shows, regularity runs, etc.) require a FIVA Card as a criterion of entry for participating cars, motorcycles or utilitarian vehicles. The FIVA Card confirms the authenticity of the vehicle, its period-correct restoration, and that it therefore provides an accurate representation of a vehicle of that era.

This is important not only for visitors to the event, who will want to see vehicles in their original state, but also to ensure fair competition between competitors in a regularity run or concours d’elegance.

Crossing borders:
Drivers of historic vehicles travelling abroad might well find that a FIVA Card can help them to cross borders more swiftly, since the vehicle is clearly identified with pictures and detailed descriptions.

How can I get an event listed on the FIVA pages?2022-04-23T06:52:01+02:00

Events can be registered via an online form (please click on button below). The completed form is forwarded for the approval of the ANF in whose country the event originates. Approval is usually granted, unless previous events suffered major safety or other issues. Once payment has been received, the event is published on the FIVA events agenda.

Should we become a member?2022-04-23T06:41:48+02:00

Why should you join FIVA?

The protecting, preserving, and promoting of world motoring heritage can only be achieved if all stakeholders unite and collaborate. This is why FIVA’s new statutes welcome all stakeholders and professionals dedicated to the same cause and goals.

By joining, you will:

  • Anticipate and influence the evolution of legislation worldwide
  • Have access to updated facts and figures on the social and economic impact of the movement
  • Support FIVA’s agenda with UNESCO and other world cultural organisations for formal recognition and support
  • Benefit from exchanges with FIVA’s team of volunteer engineers, lawyers, historians, journalists, advertisers and many other experts, all of whom bring their knowledge to our community
  • Use FIVA as a forum for dialogue as the technologies of the vehicles change over the years
  • Participate in project groups and programmes on key subjects
  • Refresh your everyday business life with inputs from truly dedicated and experienced enthusiasts
  • Communicate with millions of enthusiasts through the FIVA website
  • Reinforce your presence in a growing market
As company, can we become a member?2022-04-23T06:33:29+02:00

FIVA is not alone in its mission!

Our global partners and professional members share the same interests and make a strong contribution by providing high-quality products and services. Moreover, FIVA’s global partners share their expertise and act as technical advisors to FIVA and its worldwide members. By joining forces, we strengthen our ability to protect, preserve, and promote world motoring heritage.

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