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Should we become a member?


Why should you join FIVA? The protecting, preserving, and promoting of world motoring heritage can only be achieved if all stakeholders unite and collaborate. This is why FIVA’s new statutes welcome all stakeholders and professionals dedicated to the same cause and goals. By joining, you will: Anticipate and influence the evolution of legislation worldwide Have access to updated facts and figures on the social and economic impact of the movement Support FIVA’s agenda with UNESCO and other world cultural organisations for formal recognition and support Benefit from exchanges with FIVA’s team of volunteer engineers, lawyers, historians, journalists, advertisers and many other experts, all [...]

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What is a historic vehicle?


FIVA defines it as a mechanically propelled road vehicle at least 30 years old, preserved and maintained in a historically correct condition, which is not used as means of daily transport and which is therefore part of our technical and cultural heritage. A youngtimer is a similar vehicle between 20 and 29 years old.

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