We look for innovative and bold photographs and paintings of historic vehicles in relation to Industrial heritage that express the importance of maintaining the classic vehicles on tomorrow’s roads.

1st Category: Photography of industrial buildings, gas stations, garages,…, related to classics or industry&classics…

2nd Category: Paintings/drawings of industrial buildings, gas stations, garages,…,  related to classics or industry&classics…

3rd Category: Photography showing an owner with his/her historic vehicle

All works will be published on the FIVA Social media using the same hashtags: #fiva_classic, #culture #youth #internationalyouthday #2023youth,…

Winners of each category should be announced by 30th September and receive publication of the project on the FIVA webpage and social media, presentation of the project at the FIVA General Assembly, normally held in November, FIVA book, FIVA vehicle plaque and a recognition diploma.

Every applicant needs to send an authorization agreement for FIVA to have the rights to use the material submitted for promotion and information on copyright owner(s) for material submitted that applicants do not have rights for.

Participants should send to secretary@fiva.org by the end of August 2023 the application forms with pictures/ photos.

May 2023