Historic Vehicles & Culture

    FIVA Culture Award

    Nominations should be submitted no later than 31st August 2019. Award descriptions and submission information can be found at the bottom of this page. The Culture Award celebrates and promotes best practices related to historic vehicle promotion, management, research, education and communication. In this way, it contributes to a stronger public recognition of historic vehicles as a part of humankind’s cultural and technical heritage, as well as a strategic resource for our global society and economy.

    The FIVA Culture Award is also designed to encourage people to understand, respect and support mobile heritage.

    The awards are given for the following categories and related projects:

    1. RESEARCH 
      Outstanding research projects which lead to tangible effects in the enhancement of cultural and technical mobile heritage worldwide. 
      Open to those whose contributions over a long period of time demonstrates excellence in the protection and enhancement of cultural and technical mobile heritage worldwide, far exceeding normal expectations.
    3. EDUCATION, TRAINING and the raising of AWARENESS
      Outstanding initiatives related to education, training and the raising of awareness in the field of cultural and technical mobile heritage, with focus on the promotion and/or contributions to the sustainable development of the environment.


    How to proceed:

    1. Download the Application Form and fill it in
      • [download id=”2948″]
      • [download id=”2942″]
    • Submit the materials by email: and
    • All applications must reach the Cultural Commission by August 31st, 2019.
    • Nominees will be informed of the results by October-end, at the latest.
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