For the second time a FIVA Hall of Fame Award presentation was held in Japan, this time to recognize the achievements of Mr Soichiro Honda (1906-1991), who not only founded the Honda Motor Company, a multinational manufacturer of motorcycles and cars, but also was the enthusiastic force behind Honda´s world-wide roadracing successes starting with a first Isle of Man victory in 1961 and continuing to this day. Later Honda also entered formula 1 car Racing. The award was presented at the Fuji Motor Sports Museum at the Fuji racetrack to Soichiros son, Hirotoshi Honda who himself is a renowned motor enthusiast and founder of the Mugen racing company.

FIVA President Tiddo Bresters handing over the award to Hirotoshi Honda at the Fuji Motor Sports Museum in front of a specially arrangement with two of Honda´s racing successes in the background. Picture 4568 shows Hirotoshi Honda holding his thank-you-speech at the museum.