Historic Vehicles & Culture

    FIVA meeting with Cabinet of European Commissioner Violeta Bul

    Responsible for all mobility policy in the European Commission

    On 9 September Tiddo Bresters, Nataša Jerina and Andrew Turner met with Jocelyn Fajardo and Alisa Tiganj, both members of EU Commissioner Violeta Bulc’s Cabinet. The meeting was made possible and arranged by Nataša, who is a member of the Slovenian Federation SVAMZ.

    During the 45 minute meeting, the FIVA delegation first explained FIVA, FIVA’s objectives and actions and the cultural and economic value of the preservation and use of historic vehicles. They then had a very constructive dialogue with the Cabinet members about historic vehicle use within the context of the DG MOVE’s policy motivations and current initiatives.  The meeting was very timely because DG MOVE has very recently published a document detailing its strategy for low-emission mobility which takes a holistic view of measures to better manage mobility using pricing and technological tools. FIVA therefore stressed that historic vehicles are different and distinct from all other road vehicles because of their cultural value and because of their use patterns, and that they therefore merit special treatment in these policy discussions to ensure that motoring heritage is not lost and the economic activity associated with the heritage is maintained.

    The Cabinet members were also keen for FIVA to again participate in the European Commission’s Road Safety Charter and welcomed FIVA’s suggestion that it drafts a “Code of Safe and Responsible Use of Historic Vehicles”. FIVA will work on this initiative with a view to distribution to members and clubs during 2017.

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