The UN’s International Youth Day celebrated across the globe, each year on the 12th of August, serves as an annual celebration of an opportunity given to the youth, to empower them and voice their challenges, successes, stories and journeys. FIVA decided to approach this day with its own twist.

We are proud to present the winners of this year’s competition.

This year we were looking for photos of classic vehicles and owners of the vehicle in the dress code corresponding to the year/period of the vehicle. We were looking for creativity and fun!

Among all the pictures that we received, we are presenting the three winners here today. All winners will receive the FIVA Book, FIVA Cap, a FIVA sticker and the Turin Charter Handbook.

The success of these competitions has given us hope for a bright future towards the preservation, protection and promotion of historic vehicles for generations to come!

Though we celebrate youth day once a year, we are always eager to hear from young enthusiasts all year round. If you have a story, drawing or photo to share or if you would like to become a member of the Youth Working Group, please send an email to Nataša G. Jerina on