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    The “Fédération Internationale des Véhicules Anciens” (FIVA) was founded in 1966 in response to an idea formulated by a handful of organisations representing the interests of historic vehicle enthusiasts within a number of different countries. The founders felt that the time had come for an international body to promote and guide the interests of the historic vehicle movement throughout the world. At present FIVA federates member organisations in 71 countries throughout the world, which in turn represent many millions of historic vehicle enthusiasts.

    FIVA’s primary objective is to encourage the safe use of self-propelled, mechanical vehicles, more than thirty years old, on the roads for the benefit of both their owners, dedicated enthusiasts and the general public. To that end FIVA, through its Events’ Commission, has devised its own code for the safe promotion of rallies or mildly competitive events, and in concert with the European Commission, has recently published a Drivers’ Code for more general guidance of historic vehicle users, which can be downloaded from the link below.

    FIVA is also concerned with the preservation of historic vehicles, which are accepted as being an important part of our industrial heritage and attempts to catalogue as many historic vehicles as is possible through the FIVA Vehicle ID card, which is administered by its Technical Commission. To further this end it has forged links with UNESCO and has persuaded the European Commission to accept that historic vehicles represent a significant contribution to our industrial heritage. It also has important links with ‘Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile’ (FIA) to promote the interests of historic cars in more sporting arenas and ‘Fédération Internationale Motorcyliste’ FIM to help achieve similar objectives for motorcycles.

    Through its Legislation Commission, FIVA has been assiduous in protecting the continued use of historic vehicles in the face of any adverse legislation. At present, this is largely concentrated on European countries and the European Union, but with ever increasing pressures on motor transport, the potential threat is ever present.


    For the 50-years of FIVA celebrations in 2016, FIVA celebrated World Motoring Heritage Year (WMHY) and UNESCO had granted their patronage to a number of these events that will take place around the world. These events carried a special logo and have been put into the limelight by FIVA, the UNESCO and number of related organizations.

    Furthermore, the new FIVA Preservation Award has been given on a number of specially selected events. This award was given to vehicles that are preserved best and therefore deserve special attention.


    • FIVA is a world-wide organisation looking after the interests of owners of Historic Vehicles
    • FIVA is represented in 71 countries around the globe
    • FIVA represents millions of historic vehicle enthusiasts around the world
    • FIVA has for Global Partners with a strong interest in the HV-scene
    • FIVA is supported by a large number of Professional Members
    • FIVA is recognised by UNESCO as the body for Historic Vehicles and related Culture

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    What more does FIVA offer?

    Technical Support

    Professional services provided by our Global Partners Glasurit, Pirelli, Motul and Classic Parts 4 You. They provide exclusive services for Historic Vehicle owners, professional in this field and the DIY-owner through masterclasses and other sources of information


    The most important events in the world seek FIVA‘s support in the form of skilled Stewards to ensure a smooth running and advice for both organisers and participants. Their valuable knowledge can help to streamline many aspects of these complex processes.

    Legal advice

    FIVA has expert knowledge on Low Emission Zones and other climate issues. Obviously, we support a clean environment, we can help in finding the right balance between this and historical awareness while keeping our vehicle mobile.

    Meetings and Conferences

    Apart from our yearly General Assembly, we organise forums and other meetings where interest groups meet and discuss many topics such as legal issues, availability of spare parts, originality of vehicles etc.

    Trucks and Motorcycles

    Sometimes overlooked by others but these kind of vehicles also are part of our cultural heritage and worth saving for future generations. FIVA has special committees looking after the needs of owners and interested parties of these kinds of vehicles too.

    Info and Newsletters

    On a regular basis FIVA issues newsletters, surveys and other information to its members, stakeholders and other interested parties to make them aware of the latest developments. For these, we do comply with the (European) privacy rules and regulations






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