With that in mind, Alfa Romeo Clube do Brasil embarked on a collaborative project with Colégio Dante Alighieri to connect students and parents to their Italian heritage. The idea is not just to host a historic vehicle exhibition on the school grounds, but also to raise awareness of the culture intrinsic to the vehicles and what they represent.

Colégio Dante Alighieri was founded in 1911 by Italian immigrants with the objective of preserving and promoting their values in student education. This centenary institution is still active today in the Italian community, promoting cultural events.

On the other hand, the club was founded in 1990 by Italian motoring enthusiasts and continues to gather and preserve the history of Brazilian motorsport. It is a member of FBVA, FIVA’s Brazilian ANF.

In alignment with FIVA’s goals of “passing on the passion” to the youth, Alfa Romeo Clube do Brasil has started developing an event with the school to explore and share with students the world of historic vehicles. From having an AR 105 engine in the classroom for close examination, to history lessons on how this Italian influence shaped the Brazilian automotive industry, many elements will complement the exhibition in the main patio.

The goal is not just to showcase Italian vehicles, but to organize them into a storytelling experience with interactive features and focused topics, paying homage to important figures.

The exhibition was announced last Saturday (15/04) during the school’s internal “Olympic Games” opening, with the presence of a signature red Alfa Romeo 2000 GTV. The event will take place near the Italian Republic Day (2/06) of 2024.