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    Is your club a member of a local FIVA federation too?

    What is FIVA?

    FIVA is a non-profit organisation that celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2016, that is active in 64 countries and represents more than 1.6 million historic vehicle enthusiasts worldwide.

    FIVA is not alone in its mission!

    Our Global Partners and Professional Members share the same interest and make a strong contribution themselves by providing high-quality products and services. Moreover, FIVA’s Global Partners share their expertise and act as Technical Advisors to FIVA and its worldwide Members. By joining forces, FIVA is strengthening its engagement to protect, preserve, and promote world motoring heritage.

    FIVA‘s Global Partners

    FIVA‘s Professional Members

    C1: Global Companies


    C2: Professional Businesses
    C3: Museums and institutions
    C4: Publishers

    The VP-membership has an important task within FIVA.

    The main task of the VP-Membership is to scrutineer the applications of potential new members and give and advise regarding their admittance.

    Any Club, Federation or Association wishing to join FIVA must send an application to the FIVA Secretariat, with a copy to VP-Membership if possible. Then VP-Membership will investigate to see if the applicant meets all requirements for FIVA membership as listed in the FIVA Statutes.

    The VP-Membership reports to the General Committee on applications and other membership issues referred to him/her that decides on the admission.

    If the application is incomplete or incorrect the applicant is asked to provide the correct information or the needed information. In case of doubt, the VP-Membership can propose to accept a new member under certain conditions. Such a proposal is also decided upon by the General Assembly.

    If an applicant is accepted under certain conditions, its the task of the VP-Membership to see that the conditions are met within the time set for such an applicant.

    The FIVA statutes give a list of the information FIVA needs for a correct application for FIVA membership. To make this more easily accessible, a checklist of the information needed has been made. This checklist can be downloaded from this website.


    The VP-Membership is equipped to answer questions regarding membership and applications. It is however not equipped to answer all kind of legal questions from outside FIVA. Problems regarding the FIVA Statutes, Bylaws or Codes can only be addressed via the FIVA General Secretary.

    What is FIVA?

    FIVA is a non-profit organisation that celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2016, that is active in 64 countries and represents more than 1.6 million historic vehicle enthusiasts worldwide.

    FIVA’s mission is: Protecting, Preserving and Promoting world motoring heritage:

    • Protecting the technical, design, cultural and sociological aspects of motoring history from being destroyed, lost or forgotten.
    • Preserving and documenting for future generations the origins, history and impact of these achievements, big and small, which so marked the course of the 20th century.
    • Promoting at all levels of international and national society the unique significance and value of our motoring heritage and the inherent use of historic vehicles on public roads.

    Why should you join FIVA?

    The protecting, preserving and the promoting of world motoring heritage can only be achieved if all stakeholders unite and collaborate. Which is why FIVA’s new Statutes welcome all stakeholders and professionals dedicated to the same cause and goals.

    By joining, you will:
    • Anticipate and influence the evolution of legislation worldwide
      Get access to updated facts and figures on the social and economic impact of the movement
    • Support FIVA’s agenda with UNESCO and other world cultural organisations for formal recognition and support
    • Benefit from exchanges with FIVA’s team of volunteer engineers, lawyers, historians, journalists, advertisers and many other experts, all of whom bring their knowledge to our community
    • Use FIVA as a forum for dialogue as the technologies of the vehicles change over the years
    • Participate in project groups and programs on key subjects
    • Refresh your everyday business life with inputs from truly dedicated and experienced enthusiasts
    • Communicate with millions of enthusiasts through the FIVA website
    • Reinforce your presence in a growing market

    How to join FIVA?

    Please send us a complete dossier containing 3 copies of each document to the FIVA OFFICE, addressed to the VP-Membership following this checklist.

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