Paint expertise since 1888

    Glasurit’s paint expertise and company history go back to the beginnings of the automobile, when Berta Benz undertook the world’s first overland drive in a car with an internal combustion engine. Glasurit is the paint manufacturer with the longest tradition worldwide. Founded in Hamburg in 1888, Glasurit is successful worldwide today – and a premium refinish paint brand from BASF since 1965.

    Glasurit – Global Partner of FIVA

    Our paint expertise and our commitment to maintaining the value of classic vehicles convinced FIVA. In 2016 FIVA appointed Glasurit as the official and exclusive partner worldwide in all paint matters.

    As a FIVA global partner, Glasurit clearly follows the guidelines of the Turin Charter. On the FIVA website we will report on various topics, historical research and cooperation. You can find a contact person for Glasurit in your country at There you will soon find further information on the subject of paint under the keyword Classic Car Colors.

    Glasurit Classic Car Colors – our service for Oldtimer-Friends

    Glasurit Classic Car Colors is a service specially tailored to the needs of owners of classic vehicles. We offer you professional support – starting with the paint knowledge, through the color search in our largest color archive worldwide, to the network of specialized companies.

    Classic Car Colors is based on the most frequently asked questions by car owners:

    1. Where can I find the right color for my classic vehicle?
    2. Where can I find a suitable paint shop?
    3. Where can I get the original paint?

    Question: Where can I find the right color for my classic vehicle?

    Answer: In the Glasurit color archive or at a Glasurit paint shop.

    In the course of its 130-year history, Glasurit has built up the world’s largest color archive with well over 250,000 colors for cars, motorcycles and commercial vehicles from all over the world. We not only maintain the current series and special colors in the database, we also work on researching and adding color information for classic vehicles and developing paint mixing formulas for them.

    Many color information in the course of automotive history – especially before 1950 – either lost or insufficiently documented. To bring these colors back to light, Glasurit conducts research projects with car manufacturers, clubs and museums. Exemplary projects have been performed with Opel, Citroen, Jaguar and Porsche, but also with clubs from no longer existing brands such as Heinkel, Borgward, Zündapp or museums such as the Monteverdi Collection in Basel or the Schlumpf Collection, Musee d’Automobile in Mulhouse / F.

    At, every vehicle owner can find the assignment of manufacturer, vehicle model, year of manufacture and color group. The car owner receives the information here whether Glasurit knows the color and has a paint mixing formula for the desired color. These colors are important for a complete restoration, because the authentic / contemporary color has become an important aspect in the evaluation of classic vehicles.

    The colors can then be mixed in a Glasurit paint shop or at a Glasurit dealer. We recommend to paint a pattern in any case, because sometimes the selected color does not meet the expectations and expectations of the car owner.

    Question: Where can I find a suitable paint shop?

    Answer: According to research or in the Glasurit network for specialized paint shops.

    The requirements for painting in classic vehicles are usually much more complex than in the repair of new vehicles. Not every paint shop is dedicated to the topic of “classic car painting”. Companies that specialize, advertise with references on their websites and have a good reputation as a specialist in this segment are generally suitable.

    In some countries we have already established a network of paint shops that specialize in the painting of classic vehicles. These companies have great experience and suitable specialists. These companies can also be found on the Glasurit website.

    The contact persons for car owners are the recommended bodyshops, Glasurit dealers or the Glasurit local service center.

    Farge: Where can I get the original paint?

    Answer: The stoving enamels used in series production (140-160 ° C) cannot be used for vehicle repairs

    At the latest since the introduction of thermoplastic acrylic (TPA) and synthetic resin stoving lacquers (from around 1930s), the lacquers used in series production are no longer technologically identical to the repair lacquers. The refinishing technologies of yesteryear are also no longer available nationwide for various reasons (environmental aspects and legislation, low demand, technologically outdated, etc.). That is why we manufacture current and widely available coatings for this area. With specially developed painting processes, the refinish can be adapted to the aged paint job.

    The contemporary colors are reproduced from a lacquer mixing system with around 70 basic colors. Current and available paint technology is used for this: 2-component PUR paints for single-layer plain paints or water-based or solvent-based basecoats with clear paints based on 2-component PUR. This ensures that the respective color can be reproduced in every Glasurit paint shop worldwide.

    In the case of a repair or a complete restoration, there are different requirements.

    In the event of a repair, the repair paint must be adapted to the traces of aging (patina) of the old paint so as not to attract attention. In addition, it must be assessed whether the old paint is still viable for further painting.

    In the case of a complete restoration, the same optical condition as that at delivery is usually to be restored. Here it is also important for reasons of monetary valuation to recreate the authentic color. However, the individual wishes of the car owners are ultimately decisive.

    Preserving the value of classic vehicles is important to us and we hope that we can help you with our information. Further useful information, access to the Glasurit color archive and the network of specialist companies can be found under the keyword Classic Car Color at We gladly support you!


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