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    Pirelli is proud to be a Global Partner of FIVA and shares completely its fundamental aim to support and encourage the preservation and responsible use of historic vehicles, developing the products contained within the “Collezione” to achieve this goal. The sizes contained within the Collezione have been introduced gradually and will continue step by step to cover not only the iconic supercars and those with which Pirelli has a rich historical working relationship, but also those sizes that permit the vast majority of enthusiasts to maintain or restore their cars and enjoy the thrills of the original driving performance.

    The creation of these products starts with the identification of the exact tyre size and pattern that was either fitted or available at the specific historical period for the model of car being considered. To facilitate this, Pirelli engineers have access to an incredible Historic Archive contained within thee “Fondazione Pirelli”. Here all the original data concerning vehicle size fitments, factory specifications, materials, mould designs and even publicity material plus a lot more are available. Pirelli’s heritage of having been a supplier to the major vehicle manufacturers for over a century also permits us access to the historical data of our partners whenever necessary.

    Understanding how to produce these products, using the right processes and materials within a modern factory environment, remains the most difficult and complex challenge for Pirelli’s engineers.

    The size, shape, construction techniques and most significantly materials have all evolved dramatically over recent decades making it very easy to over engineer the original performance characteristics. This would result in a tyre that completely changes the cars road handling as the tyres would no longer be compatible with the vehicles original suspension geometry. Another very important feature that the “Collezione” can offer is the original aesthetic appearance of the tyres, since many were fitted as original equipment at the time. This is a fundamental feature in preserving the original design features of these vehicles.

    With the increasing demand for tyres specifically recreated to satisfy the ever-growing demand for original performance rather than just a dimensionally or cosmetically correct fitment, the “Collezione” is continually evolving.

    Pirelli will issue a series of marketing bulletins as each new product is released, our first Masterclass contained on the FIVA website explains the manufacturing and testing process for these tyres.


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