From Spanish Federation of Antique Vehicles (FEVA), the FIVA ANF in Spain have not given up holding the traditional and consolidated Automotive Heritage Days, although the socio-health situation caused by Covid 19 has forced to propose an alternative system, very different from the usual one. Since the beginning of the pandemic, FEVA’s Board of Directors has opted for the utmost caution, and for this reason it has discouraged any event or meeting in order to stop the transmission of the virus. This does not imply in any way the waiver of the use and enjoyment of the collection vehicles, although choosing to do so individually. Along these lines, FEVA has decided that the 2020 Automotive Heritage Days will have a virtual format. FEVA Culture Commission has launched a virtual channel where all those collector vehicle fans who wish to do so can publish their experiences of their cars, motorcycles, etc.

It is clear that this celebration cannot be a face to face people concentration, but from FEVA we hope that these Virtual Heritage Days constitute an expression of our desire, and for this we need, once again, a massive participation. For all those who want to participate, the information is available on the FEVA website, at the following link:

Here those interested can find all the information necessary to participate, from the bases of this virtual event to the forms to fill out. Not only members of affiliated clubs can get involved, but all those owners of a collector’s vehicle, and even family members or friends of owners who want to contribute.To send your participation, at the following link:

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