We have the pleasure to announce the

Third European Conference for Automotive History

 organised by

Thomas Ulrich, AHG, Germany;

Anders Ditlev Clausager, SAHB (The Society of Automotive Historians

in Britain)

AISA, Associazione Italiana per la Storia dell‘Automobile

FIVA (Fédération Internationale des Véhicules Anciens) Culture and Youth Commission

and hosted by MAUTO (Museo Nazionale dell’Automobile)

When?  Saturday 15th October 2022 all day and Sunday 16th October 2022 till lunch time

Where? Torino, MAUTO (Museo Nazionale dell’Automobile) Corso Unità d’Italia, 40

Further information: https://www.thesahb.com/third-european-conference-for-automotive-history-14-16-october-2022/


9.00 opening speeches by

Thomas Ulrich and Anders Clausager

ASI – Alberto Scuro

FIVA – Nataša G. Jerina

MAUTO – Mariella Mengozzi

Speakers of the conference:  

Tobias Baldus: The Automobile in Poster Art to 1914

Joris Bergsma: Isadora Duncan and her Death

Sandro Binelli: Mille Miglia’s Chassis Research

Lorenzo Boscarelli: Presentation of AISA

Roland Dhondt: The Evolution of Wheels and Tyres

Dr Stefan Dierkes: How Pietro Frua Built his Concept Cars in Six Weeks

Dr. Susan Grunewald: The Soviet Automotive Indus-try: Technology Transfer, Politics, and Culture

Erich Karsholt: Car Manufacture in Denmark

Hans Lipp: The World’s Automobile Production 1886-1918

Karl Ludvigsen: A European “World Car” of the 1930s

Davide Lorenzone: Steam Carriages and Cars

Elton McGoun: Pre-War Sports Cars and Sporting Cars in Europe and America

Mariella Mengozzi: Presentation of MAuto

Dr. Wolfgang Munzinger: The Automobile as Me-chanical Mistress

Dr. Iliari Pani: The MAuto Documentation Centre

Aleksandar Vidojkovic: Studying Local Automotive History Using a Multi-Disciplinary Approach

Closing speech:  FIVA – Tiddo Bresters

The access to the event requires the payment of an entry fee. You find all the relevant information in this brochure.

On occasion of the conference, you will have the opportunity to visit the exhibition “Charter of Turin in cartoons” prepared by the FIVA Culture and Youth Commission in collaboration with MAUTO.

We are looking forward to seeing you there!

The photo was taken for the occasion of the 2nd conference in 2019, at Louwman Museum. From left to right: Aleksandar Vidojkovic, Jochen Thoma, Patrick Rollet, Keith Gibbins.