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    Unexpected talent

    An off-topic book by Gian Mario Mollar

    Gian Mario Mollar, our General Secretary heading the office in Turin, has some unexpected talents next to his skills to manage the FIVA office. Although being very busy with FIVA, he managed to finish his book on the hidden history of the Far West!

    About the book:

    The mysteries of the Far West begin where most of the western stories end, made of dust, sun and duels at noon, when darkness falls and the camp fires light up, when you listen to the coyote howls and tell stories.

    Gian Mario Mollar faces the Western epic from an almost unprecedented point of view in Italy. Facts, figures and episodes generally not well known are combined with the study of native folklore and spirituality, horror literature, esotericism and mystery. Vampires and ghosts, serial killers and werewolves, UFOs and winged monsters, haunted houses and Indian legends. Certainly unusual themes, however, treated in a rigorous way, to provide, when possible, an explanation or the tools to understand them more thoroughly.

    Topics covered:

    • The vampires of New England
    • A monster with a skeletal body, with large claws and sharp fangs: the wendigo
    • The “shapeshifters” of Navajo folklore
    • Ghost riders and wild hunting
    • Cowboys and aliens: UFO sightings in the Far West
    • The serial killer of the border
    • Border scams and buffaloes

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    J. Theuns

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