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    Jewelry for the Almerian Marble Region

    Last 8th, 9th, 10th and 11th of November has celebrated the XXIX Antique Automobile Route of Almeria. One more year, this wonderful event returned to scene, organized by the Club of Antique Vehicles of Almeria, member nº21 of the Spanish Federation of Antique Automobiles (FEVA).

    This route began on Thursday, 8ht of November with the reception of all participants and delivery of the corresponding documentation at the Hotel Torreluz. Later, the book “Historical Vehicles of Almeria and its projection” was presented by its author and club president, Mr. José Juan Soria Fortes. Jose Juan is also a member of the Territorial Council and communication of FEVA. This wonderful book consists of 612 pages and more than 1500 color photographs and which talks about the history of this club since its foundation in 1990 as well as its routes, car restoration, collaborations with institutions and other clubs, …

    On Friday 9th of November, began going to the Shrine of the Sea Virgin for its subsequent floral offering. There was an exhibition of automobiles at the Navarro Rodrigo street, with an institutional visit to the Provincial Delegation of Almeria. Later, they undertook a route to visit the Cabo de Gata-Níjar Natural Park, passing through Isleta del Moro and Los Escullos. Later visit to the house of the volcanoes located in Rodalquilar.

    On Saturday, 10th of November began going to the marble region where they visited the Cosentino Group factories located in Cantoria. In the afternoon, they visited the town of Fines, culminating again this day with a convivial dinner and accommodation at the Hotel “La Tejera” located in Olula del Río.

    Finally, on the last day of this wonderful route, on Sunday, 11st of November, they undertook a route to visit the painting museum of the Ibáñez Cosentino Art Foundation, located in Olula del Río, as well as the exhibition of automobiles in it. Later, they proceeded to visit the Marble Museum located in Macael with its respective exhibition again of the cars that were participating. This wonderful event culminated with a convivial lunch.

    In this event, numerous classic cars from mythical brands and from different eras participated and could be admired. Among this great caravan of automobiles we mention examples such as Ford T of 1926, Ford A of 1928, Chevrolet Confederate Sedan of 1930, Ford Pick up of 1930, Ford AA Truck of 1930, Buick Series 67 of 1932, Rolls Royce Phantom II of 1932 , Bentley Saloon Sport of 1933, Mercedes Benz model W136 170V Cabriolet, Pierce Arrow 1601 Convertible Coupé of 1936, Mercedes Benz W143 230B of 1936, Packard 110 Convertible Coupé of 1938, Mercedes Benz W143 230 of 1939, Plymouth P5 of 1939, Packard Clipper of 1942, Jaguar XK120 of 1946, Rolls Royce Silver Wraith of 1949, Renault Frégate of 1950, Mercedes Benz 220 S “Ponton” of 1956, Cadillac El Dorado of 1957, Rolls Royce Silver Cloud III of 1963, Ford Mustang of 1965, … Looking forward to 2019 to commemorate the 30th anniversary of this wonderful route.

    Text: Vicente Sevillano Guerrero
    Photos: Antonio Siles Plaza

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