Curious about FIVA, its goals and objectives? This 3-minute video give you a quick overview of all of this!



    FIVA`s Legislation Commission is tasked to ensure that the development of national and international legislation does not create an adverse impact to owners of historic vehicles and the use of these on public roads without inappropriate restrictions. More…



    The FIVA Culture Commission’s aims are to preserve the culture and involve the youth in our mutual interest of preserving and enjoying historic vehicles. Our team of enthusiasts endlessly tries to emphasise the importance of keeping this culture alive and a part of every day living and learning. More…



    The FIVA Events Commission oversees motoring events. The commission remit covers all matters concerning the organisation, direction and management of such events within the FIVA specified sector of interest. More…



    The FIVA Technical Commission is the body to find standardized methods and rules for the dating and classification of historic vehicles. This Commission keeps the records of all ID cards issued worldwide and issues ID cards itself for countries where is no FIVA representation. More…


    The FIVA Motorcycle Commission deals with two-wheeled motor vehicles like motorcycles, mopeds and bicycles, and three-wheeled vehicles, tricycles, events related to the topic with the purpose to promote this segment of the history of the motor vehicle. More…


    The Utilitarian Commission in FIVA is an internal work group that deals with all matters relating to the categories of vehicles represented, both for civil and military use. In particular, these are trucks, buses, campers, agricultural machinery and military vehicles of all kinds. More…

    Results Driven

    FIVA sets clear strategic goals each year and does whatever it takes to reach these.

    Proven Path

    FIVA talks to stakeholders, politicians, interested parties and vehicle owners, they give us clear guidelines we act upon.

    Winning Culture

    FIVA successfully influenced political debates that allow owners to continue the use of their historic vehicles.

    Top Performance

    FIVA‘s board and officers are 100% volunteers, each committed to reach our mutual goals for a historically conscious society

    FIVA‘s short video’s

    Short video’s telling the often unique history of a brand, model or owner of (a) Historic Vehicle(s).
    More videos on the FIVA Youtube page here

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    Lancia Stratos

    Maserati Khamsin

    La Jamais Contente

    FIVA Photo Contest

    • The topic for the 4th quarter: Historic Vehicles and pets.
    • The winner will receive: The book on 50-years of FIVA
    • Rules and regulations: Picture must be uploaded to FIVA using the form.

    Free Access to the FIVA Parts Catalogue till 31-1-2020

    FIVA realizes that the future of our mutual hobby is also depending on the availability of good quality replacement parts. The quality of parts does not only determine the value of your vehicle but can also play a major role in its safety and that of other road users.

    Realizing the importance all this, and FIVA have created the FIVA Parts Catalogue, a website that allows you to search for suppliers of parts but that does not sell you any parts. Hence, there is no incentive to push certain products or suppliers, making CP4Y the leading independent source for this kind of information.

    FIVA is not alone in its mission!

    Our Global Partners and Professional Members share the same interest and make a strong contribution themselves by providing high-quality products and services. Moreover, FIVA’s Global Partners share their expertise and act as Technical Advisors to FIVA and its worldwide Members. By joining forces, FIVA is strengthening its engagement to protect, preserve, and promote world motoring heritage.



    Professional FIVA Members

    • Volkswagen
    • Bentley
    • BMW
    • Audi
    • Team CSA
    • Dekra
    • Porsche
    • Torre Loizaga
    • Novol
    • SIHA
    • SK Collection
    • Rally Round
    • Mercedes Benz
    • Bugatti
    • Classic Data
    • Jaguar Heritage Trust
    • Fiat Chrysler Autmobiles
    • Arthur Bechtel
    • Form/ulting
    • Mahle
    • Retro Messen
    • Motorcycle Republic
    • GEDEE Car Museum
    • Axel Springer
    • Heritage Transport Museum
    • Hellenic Motor Museum
    • Fed. of Classic Car China
    • Motorworld
    • Autostadt
    • Old Wheelers - Namibia

    News and OTHER things you might want to know

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